Vida TV: This was the unexpected death of “La Bodoquito”

Throughout the history of Mexican television there have been several memorable programs, which are still remembered by the public, one of them was “TV Life”, broadcast in which celebrities such as Galilee Montijo, who shared cameras with the actress Dolores Solomonbetter known as “The Bodoquito“, an artist who won the affection of the audience, so it surprised his unexpected death a few years ago.

“TV Life” was a game show where contestants showed off their talent to the dance, singing, comedy, acting, among many other skills. Also, drivers, including Galilea Montijo, Hector Sandarti, Lili Brillanti and “La Bodoquito”, they made sketches to entertain the public, for which it quickly became a success, so from being on channel 4, it became part of “El Canal de las Estrellas”.

“La Bodoquito” was part of the first stage of Vida TV Photo: Special

How did “La Bodoquito” die?

The program started in 2001 and ended until 2006nevertheless, Dolores Solomon She left the project a couple of years before, since she had other activities on the horizon, because it must be remembered that in addition to being a host, she was also an actress and had some roles, mostly comedic, in soap operas. In this way, she was one of the first to leave the successful production.

After his departure from “TV Life”the actress continued to work in different productions of the small screen and also of theater, however, on September 15, 2016 it was announced his unfortunate death at the age of 63. According to information from family members, which was taken up by the media, the artist died due to respiratory arrest and heart problems.

A few days before his death, Solomon was admitted to the Hospital November 20 and although his relatives had seen a recovery, he lost his life unexpectedly. “They waited for him to come out but today she weakened and stopped breathing,” Carmen Cruz, a friend of the actress, told the media.

“I already knew her. She played little parts in different soap operas, but ‘TV life’, definitely, It was a great opportunity for many of us. FIt was a program where we shared many moments. A lady who was always, always in a very good mood.” remembered Galilea Montijo when announcing the news during the broadcast of the “Hoy” program.

The actress, who a few days ago turned 6 years of deathbegan his career in the 90s in telenovelas like “To reach a star”, “Girls” and “Maria mercedes”. Also, she participated in “The most beautiful ugly”, “Ruby”, “A refuge for love”, “Esmeralda” and “Word of a woman”. His last melodrama was “Cheating love” starring Africa Zavala, Eduardo Yáñez, Itatí Cantoral and Ernesto Laguardia.


The abrupt death of Evelio with “V” girl from “Vida TV” and Galilea Montijo’s best friend

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