Verónica Castro reveals that she did not like to interview Julio Iglesias for this uncomfortable reason

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In addition to being a great actress, Veronica Castrowho confessed that she had an affair with the Argentine actor Enrique Martínez , is an excellent interviewer, which allowed her to talk with artists of the stature of Luis Miguel and Julio Iglesiasboth men highly coveted by women.

However, for the host of “Bad night, no” it became uncomfortable to interview the singer of “I forgot to live”, because he did things that the famous did not like.

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Julio Iglesias harassed Verónica Castro?

In an interview with Pati Chapoy, the protagonist of “The rich also cry” confessed that on several occasions the Spanish singer overstepped her.

He recalled that during an award ceremony, taking advantage of the tumult on stage, Julio Iglesias he grabbed his buttock, so he punched him without thinking.

“One day he grabbed my buttock, on stage. There were several artists, it was an award ceremony, a very big party, I don’t know what, but there were big-name artists and there was also Julio Iglesia, who stayed behind me. And suddenly I feel that someone grabs my pomp and chin!


In addition to beating Iglesias, Castro reproached him for his lack of respect; however, he blatantly replied that he had done it on stage, because in the dressing rooms he did not let himself.

“And I tell him, ‘listen to me, bastard, why are you grabbing my buttock’, and he tells me, ‘why don’t you let me grab it in the dressing room, well, I’ll come and grab it here on stage,'” Veronica said. which caused Pati Chapoy to laugh, despite the fact that this moment was obviously not funny for her.

Some time after the aforementioned event, Veronica Castro they informed him that he would interview Julio Iglesias, which she refused to do at first, arguing that he “behaved very badly” and did things that she did not know how to get out of; however, in the end they convinced her and the talk took place.

As the also singer of songs like “Macumba” and “Bad Night” said, during the interview she did with the famous man, he again overstepped her and stole a kiss from her in front of the cameras, arguing that he had always had want to kiss her

“We are doing the interview, we are talking about his life, his things, what he is doing, that he arrived in Mexico and suddenly says, ‘I have always wanted to give you a kiss and hug you, but you have never left, but right now that we are in front of the camera’; then, he gets up, grabs my head and gives me a kiss, “he said.

After the imprudence of the singer, “La chaparrita de oro” asked them to cut the recording and furiously complained, but he gave her the same excuse as at the awards ceremony.

“I told him, why are you so bastard, why are you doing this to me and he says, ‘why don’t you leave yourself in the dressing room, I have to come and do it in front of the cameras,'” he recalled. Veronica Castro about the bad time he lived with Julio Iglesias.

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