This is how Desirée Cordero has achieved those toned buttocks

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    Although we do exercises to have a strong back, we do our upper body workouts periodically and we work hard to get a pull-up, we must not deny the obvious: growing our buttocks is and will always be one of our goals fitness by excellence. It is a complete and easy area of ​​our body but at the same time difficult to work, since there are several muscles that make up the buttocks and each one needs a specific job.

    That is why it is not surprising that glute routine we see, glute routine we do. And three-quarters of the same with all the glute-focused exercises we see. So of course, it has been to see the stories of Desiree Cordero training glutes with elastic bands and thinking, this is ours! And it is that the elastic bands are a great way to add extra work and intensity to any exercise, so a glute workout that burns for two? where do we sign? Of course we are interested.

    The model, who has us accustomed to routines bodysuitstrength training with dumbbells and even to see how she puts on her gloves (she is a declared lover of muay thai), this time she has opted for train lower body with friends. Something that seems to us a real plan. Is there anything better than suffering by making the booty with friends? We believe not.

    A really intense squat routine, since to the extra that the elastic bands already suppose we have to add the jumps opening and closing legs. A combo that we can already imagine how much it will burn in the legs 🔥


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