They show how an engagement ring is made; Will it be from Coppel?

  • Today, TikTok is the most downloaded mobile app in the world, as revealed by a recent study.

  • China and India lead the ranking of the countries where more people consume jewelry.

  • With over a billion active users, TikTok is the favorite social network for 16-24 year olds.

Through TikTok, an entrepreneurial woman has shown how an engagement ring is made, collecting, so far, more than 30 million views on her video.

Nowadays, when we talk about viralization, the first thing that comes to mind is TikTok, the social network that, during the pandemic, managed to position itself in the preference of younger usersmembers of the so-called Generation Z.

TikTok has had such growth that, according to a recent report, the platform developed by ByteDance has become the most downloaded mobile application in the world.

This is revealed by the study Q2 2022: Store Intelligence Data Digest carried out by the application analysis platform Sensor Tower, which reveals that, until the second quarter of the current year, 35 billion mobile applications were downloaded.

Within the ranking of the 10 most downloaded applications, TikTok has been placed at the top, surpassing Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, among others.

Entrepreneur shows how an engagement ring is made

And it is that, if something has made TikTok the preferred social network of young people between 16 and 24 years of age, as revealed by a study by Globalwebindexis the fact that its platform has been used for all kinds of content, even for those entrepreneurs who seek to position their business.

This is the case of a Colombian entrepreneur, who has made use of the Chinese social network to publicize her work in “Viva la joya”, a business in which, among other products, she makes engagement rings.

Through her most recent video on TikTok, the entrepreneur tells and shows the entire process of making a silver engagement ring, a video that, so far, has more than 35 million views, making it a great attraction for His Followers.


Simple engagement ring? the whole process? #jewelry #process #hechoamano #handmade #stepbystep #silver #colombia #jewelrybusiness #fyp #foryou

? original sound – Juanitaaaaa

It should be noted that the jewelry industry is one of the most demanded in the world, where China and India lead the ranking of the countries where more jewelry is consumed, as revealed by a study prepared by World Gold Council.

The case of Mexico is also noteworthy. In 2021, the jewelry industry has undergone a period of recovery and significant growth.

This is how it became known during the Joya Abril 2021 exhibition, the most important in Latin America for this sector, where it was announced that the industry, in Jalisco alone, generates around 20,000 direct jobs and, annually, it transforms 20 tons of gold and 70 tons of silver.

Without a doubt, we are talking about one of the most important industries, especially in a country where the sale of these products has reached various points of sale, as happened a few weeks ago, with the story that the story of a subject went viral that he bought an engagement ring in Coppel, which, according to what he announced through TikTok, he will be paying in weekly installments of 78 pesos.


? Too Many Women – C. Tangana

The video managed to go viral and, days later, he shared a second part where, in addition to giving the engagement ring to his partner, he reveals the reasons why he bought it in Coppel.

In the end, both examples demonstrate the importance of social networks today, positioning themselves as extremely powerful spaces for interaction.

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