They hide a girl in a stroller to avoid paying the entrance to Disney

Inflation is hitting in all countries. Just as in Mexico the cost of living exceeds 8 percent per year –according to data from the first half of September–, in other nations inflation is not curbing either.

In Europe, analysts say it will reach 10 percent in October and in the United States everything indicates that it will not stop in the coming months.

Countries like Turkey and Argentina, inflationary par excellence, are seeing rates above 70 percent per year, records in more than two decades.

The causes of the increases are various and consistent, from the effect of the end of the pandemic (which forced governments to issue record monetary issues to assist families and companies), to difficulties in supply chains and, added to all this, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine and its impact on the value of raw materials.

Widespread increases include food, apparel, electronics and, of course, entertainment.

the services of streamingfor example, have increased in price, as have phones and live show tickets.

Disney, tickets, inflation and the stroller that hides children

The entrance tickets to the Disney parks, for example, rose throughout the world as a result of inflation, which has led many families to seek strategies (highly criticized by the way) to pay less.

An example of this could be seen this week in the media: a family hides a girl in a stroller to avoid paying the child ticket at a Disney amusement park in the United States.

The girl was not a baby and got out of the stroller at Disney.

The creative way of trying to enter the girl generated all kinds of comments on social networks, from people who are against the maneuver, to others who say that the money is not enough for food, shelter, transportation and entertainment.

The fact went viral from a video on TikTok in which a family is seen carrying a girl sitting in a baby seat through the entrance of the theme park.

Once inside, the girl can be seen being taken out of the stroller.

The video is titled “When Disney Ticket Prices Go Up.”

Admission to Disney World varies between 110 and 159 dollars per day, depending on the day and time, explains The New York Post, which also echoed the issue in an article about inflation in the entertainment parks of the holding company.

@myfrienditsmebarbie Poor kid was in an infant car seat #theyaregoingtoknow #disney #onlyindisney #theywillneverknow ♬ how would they know bad girls club – Chris Gleason

All visitors 3 years and older must pay.

“We paid our tickets and saw one of the funniest things, so we decided to share it so you can laugh too,” says the comment that the person who posted the video wrote on TikTok.

The video of the girl in the Disney stroller, in a few hours, added 8 million views.

“My son is four years old, but at Disney, he knows he is two,” wrote another, admitting that he has also used strategies to avoid payment.

“They criticize, but most likely they used the child’s ticket money to pay for gas to get there,” another person said.

Even former Disney World employees even spoke up in between the comments.

One said: “I worked on Disney’s income and believe me, we know what they do. They tell us to just let it go.”

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