They called him ‘Little Zidane’ and he was the best paid in France; him today he has been without a club for 3 years and plays amateur tennis

Yoann Gourcuff was one of the great talents of European football, but he is currently without a team and is dedicated to playing tennis

France received to Austria in a match corresponding to the fifth day of Group 1 of the UEFA Nations League and the French team won to escape relegation in European competition.

Despite experiencing an irregular situation in the tournament, the “Bleus” have managed in recent years to put together spectacular squads full of stars. Proof that French football is going through one of the best stages in its history, generating a large number of good players, is the title of the World Cup 2018.

However, one of the great “wasted talents” of the last decade of French football is midfielder Yoann Gourcuff, who captivated thousands of fans with his performances in Rennes and that led him to be bought in 2006 by the AC Milanwhich was the great power of European football at the time.

The midfielder won great titles with the Italian team, but did not consolidate and returned to France to play on loan with him Bordeaux in the 2008/09 season, where Yoann He managed to recover his best version.

gourcuff he quickly became an idol Bordeaux by leading the team to win the French Championship and French League Cup titles in the 2008/09 campaign, as well as winning two more French Super Cups (2008 and 2009).

At that time, he also became a regular name in the French national team squads when he participated in the qualifiers for the 2010 World Cup and the Euro 2012and was part of the squad that participated in the South Africa World Cup.

Thanks to his extremely technical style, Gourcuff was nicknamed the “Little Zidane”. In 2009, the midfielder was definitively acquired by the Bordeaux and continued as a key piece of what was perhaps the best squad in the club’s history, and which featured several Brazilians, such as the defender Henrique Souzamidfielders Ferdinand Y Wendel and the striker Jussie.

In interview with ESPN, Jussiewho was part of Cruzeiro’s super team between 2001 and 2004, compared gourcuff with the “brain” of that celestial team.

gourcuff it was ours Alex in the Cruzeiro in 2003. The Bordeaux in 2008/09 he played with him and it worked very well”, recalled the former striker, who finished his career at Bordeaux.

“Unfortunately, later he could not continue a career that had everything to be brilliant,” he lamented.

The fall of “Little Zidane”

The decline in the career gourcuff It began in August 2010, when in a bold move on the French market, Lyon bought the midfielder for €22m and made him the highest-paid player in France. France.

When changing clubs, the “Little Zidane” never got to be the same as in the Bordeaux.

In five seasons in the lyons, gourcuff he suffered a series of injuries that led him to miss nearly 90 games. In total, he took the field 128 times and scored just 19 goals, winning just two titles: a French Cup and a French Super Cup.

On an international level, gourcuff ceased to be considered and was not summoned for the Euro 2012 despite having been part of the entire campaign in the playoffs.

The failure in lyons was so big that he left the club as a free player in July 2015. He then tried to resume his career at Rennesbut he didn’t make it either.

For the former midfielder Dudu from Cearáwho witnessed the “birth” of gourcuff in the Rennes between 2004 and 2005, comparisons with Zizou hurt the career of gourcuff.

Gourcouff played a lot. He shot very well with both legs, had a gigantic vision of the game and was an excellent athlete. We always agreed when we played together: I did everything to pass the ball to him and he solved the game, “he said with a laugh. Dudu a ESPN.

“Unfortunately there was that thing about him being compared to Zidane and that is something that does not exist. It was a huge and unreasonable expectation placed on him by that comparison. ¡Zidane is one and Gourcouff It’s someone else!” he said.

“But in reality he was a guy who played a lot, with enormous potential when we worked together at Rennes. He made a lot of difference on the pitch,” he added.

In the 2018/19 campaign, it was the little one’s turn Dijon bet on football gourcuff. However, the midfielder made just eight appearances for the club before suffering a serious thigh injury that ended his season early. With that, he opted to terminate his contract in January 2019.

After seeing his son without a club for more than a year and a half, the father of gourcuff, Christian, assured that the midfielder had hung up his boots. However, the Frenchman has never officially announced his retirement.

It is unknown if the “Little Zidane” he will find a new team to try to live his last days as a professional soccer player. However, he continues to dedicate himself to sports, more specifically tennis, which was his great passion along with football during his childhood.

At the beginning of this year, gourcuff he even played in an official tournament: Larmor-Plage de Régionale 1, one of France’s regional tennis competitions.

The athlete played two of the four matches for his team, standing out especially in the victory over Arthur Thuet, who was the great favorite.

gourcuff he was undecided as a child on whether to pursue a career as a tennis player or soccer player. He dedicated himself fully to the sport of the green (or yellow) ball until he was 12 years old and even crossed paths with none other than Rafael Nadal in the Auray under-12 tournament in 1998.

However, the footballer ended up opting for football, he entered the youth categories of the Lorient and then went to Rennes. The rest is history…

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