They assure that Queen Elizabeth ‘knew’ that she would soon meet with Prince Philip; she sensed his death

The Queen isabel II suffered when his life partner, Prince Philip, left; behind the death of her husbandshe knew that would soon meet him in a few monthsthis was confirmed by sources close to the monarch, who pointed out that the sovereign sensed his death. The Duke of Edinburgh was a very important figure for Elizabeth II and with her departure, it seems that the queen’s spirits fell.

The Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip I know married on November 20, 1947when he was 26 and she was 21. At the time, then-Princess Elizabeth told her father, King George VI, that Philip was the only man she would love for the rest of her life. Their marriage lasted 73 years. and Prince Philip became the The queen’s chief company on royal engagements and travel.

For this reason, when Prince Philip passed away, people close to the queen noticed a change in her and it was there where they say that sensed his death, ensuring that it could be only a few months later; Elizabeth II continued to work after the death of her husbandbut his health began to deteriorate.

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When did Prince Philip die?

The Duke of Edinburgh passed away at Windsor Castle. Photo: AP

Prince Philip died at the age of 99 at Windsor Castle, England, on April 9, 2021This was reported at the time by Buckingham Palace in a statement.

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They reveal that Queen Elizabeth II foresaw his death

The queen did not recover from the loss of her husband Felipe. Photo: AP

According to Katie Nicholl, British royal biographer, the queen ‘knew’ she would soon be reunited with prince philip after his death. When Elizabeth sat alone at the funeral of her beloved husband, she showed her strength in such a difficult time, however, in the months that followed, things changed Well, that was when it began to be reported that the queen’s health was delicate and what had mobility problems.

The queen wanted to be buried together with her husband. Photo: Archive

In fact, it was the queen herself who ordered palace officials not to move the Duke of Edinburgh’s coffin from the Royal Vault at Windsor Castlebecause I wanted to be buried with him. With this, it was speculated that she sensed his deathso said the expert for Royal Beat.

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Queen Elizabeth II with her husband Felipe and their children, Carlos, Ana, Eduardo and Andrés.

17 months after the death of Prince Felipe succeeded that of Queen Elizabeth II; The monarch died on September 8 at her private residence in Balmoral. On the other hand, another of the things that worsened health of the monarch, according to Katie Nicholl, was the confrontation with Meghan and Harry. In a chapter of her book “The New Royals“, the expert affirmed that the monarch was “exhausted” by the decision of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to withdraw from real life: a friend of Isabel II said: “she was very hurt and told me: ‘I don’t know, I don’t care and I don’t want to think about it anymore'”.

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