The nurse traveled from CDMX to Guerrero… she was found dead in Oaxaca – El Financiero

OAXACA, Oax.-The lifeless body of the nurse Nancy Hernandez Fuentesdisappeared in the Taxqueña terminal in Mexico City, was located in the limits of Oaxaca and Guerrero.

Nancy Hernández, who was pregnant, has been missing since September 17. According to reports, his body was located by elements of the Oaxaca Prosecutor’s Office.

The finding was on a dirt road, residents of the place had reported a lifeless body in the place.

The woman I was going to travel from Mexico City to the state of Guerrero, Since that day no one heard from her.

After the disappearance of the 35-year-old nurse, relatives began the search through a pink alert. Colleagues from the same hospital also shared search information on social networks.

At the time of their disappearance, Nancy Hernández was 30 weeks pregnant. “Your little eyes, I dream of having you in my arms and loving you with all my heart,” she wrote through social networks.

After the discovery of the lifeless body, the Oaxaca Prosecutor’s Office sent photographs to relatives of the person they had found, since they had the same characteristics as Nancy Hernández Fuentes.

Meanwhile, the ISSSTE Section XXXIX Workers’ Union of which it was a member, as nurse from the emergency service of the Regional Hospital “Lic. Adolfo Lopez Mateos from Mexico City, I send condolences to the relatives.

The Municipal Council of Florencio Villareal also lamented the events: “The council joins the sorrow that overwhelms the Hernández Fuentes family (…) Wishing that peace and resignation can soon nest in their home.”

According to some versions, the nurse was located in a clandestine hospital without some organs, although this version has not been denied by the Oaxaca Prosecutor’s Office.

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