The juicy prize that America will receive if it manages to win the 2022 Opening

Emilio Azcárraga promised the American players a juicy prize if they manage to lift the 2022 Apertura title.

Azcárraga needs to see America lift the trophy.
© picture 7Azcárraga needs to see America lift the trophy.

Despite the fact that he has had encounters with a higher level of play, America he got what he was looking for and once again took the three points in the National Classic. At the Azteca Stadium, they beat Chivas 2-1 and vindicated their leadership, while extending their incredible streak of eleven games without falling for one more match.

Both the Coapa squad and Monterrey, Pachuca and Santos Laguna have already secured their place in the Quarterfinals of the league, so one day to finish the Opening 2022, The great objective of the four casts is to finish in the best possible position in the standings.

The performance of those commanded by Fernando Ortíz in the regular phase was fantastic, as well as the results obtained. However, both the fans and the protagonists know that this championship will only be remembered if it ends with the title. Thus, the owner of the institution, Emilio Azcárraga, made a promise to the players.

What Azcárraga promised

In case they end up with the champion trophy at the end of the championship, the manager will grant a juicy economic bonus to the elements. It’s a gesture he’s made on more than one occasion since taking charge of the team in the 1990s.

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