The Big Cola mystery: why did it disappear from Mexico and who owned it?

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Do you remember Big Cola? A few years ago this soft drink tried to gain ground and compete with the most powerful soft drink in the world, but it did not succeed. We tell you why it disappeared and who owned it.

This drink of Peruvian origin jumped onto the Mexican market in 2002 and took the cola giants -Coca-Cola and Pepsi- by storm with its 3.3-liter presentation and a price of 17 pesos, which represented 30 per cent less than your competition.

Its price, familiar presentation and its red, black and yellow labeling made it soon gain popularity among Mexican families.

Why did Big Cola disappear from Mexico and who owned it?

Although Big Cola arrived in Mexico in 2002, the history of this drink dates back to 1988, when the Añaños family – made up of six brothers and their parents – began producing orange-flavored soft drinks under the name of Kola Real.

Due to the growth of the soft drink, the brothers began to expand the brand under two branches, the Añaños Alcázar (ISM) that were in charge of the Kola Real and the Añaños Jería (AJE), who began to distribute the soft drink as Big Cola.

It was as part of the expansion of Ajegroup that Big Cola arrived in Mexico with unparalleled success, because seven years after its arrival it already had a 15 percent share of the Mexican market and after 10 it already had six production plants in the country.

However, the success of Big Cola and its sister Big Citrus was extinguished by a poor distribution strategy and legal problems with Coca-Cola due to accusations of alleged plagiarism.

The chain had opted for a distribution strategy in large supermarket chains and not in corner stores, where up to 60 percent of soft drinks are sold, which led to Big Cola’s decline.

Despite its failure in Mexico, Big Cola maintains a presence in India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Egypt and Nigeria.

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