The 4 Latino players who would reach the Hall of Fame according to Albert Pujols


Despite being sanctioned by the MLB, Fernando Tatis Jr. was included by Albert Pujols in the list of the 4 players who would reach the Cooperstown Hall of Fame.

Albert Pujols and Fernando Tatis Jr.
© Getty ImagesAlbert Pujols and Fernando Tatis Jr.

If there’s an authoritative word for what it takes to have a career that takes you to the Cooperstown Hall of Fame that is Albert Pujols. Far from scandals and with a dedication that led him to play for 22 seasons in the MLB, the Dominican player was encouraged to choose the four players who could have a career like his.

Although he has a superlative level at 42 years old with a season in which he hit at least 19 home runs with St.Louis Cardinals, Pujols confirmed that the 2022 campaign in the Major Leagues will be the last one he plays. Of course, what Albert has done would already guarantee him going to the Cooperstown Hall of Fame on his first vote.

With two champion rings the world series (2006 and 2011), the legacy of Albert Pujols falls short when summed up in the three MVP awards he won in the National League, the two Gold Gloves he won and the eleven selections to the All-Star Game. For something he earned the distinction of being called ‘Machine’.

“No, what he’s doing is superhuman. Pujols is not only a Hall of Famer on the first ballot, but he should be a unanimous Hall of Famer”, he claimed Paul Goldschmidt, of the St. Louis Cardinals, when asked if he could have a career like the baseball player born in Dominican Republic.

The 4 players who would reach the Hall of Fame according to Albert Pujols

The official account of Las Mayores on Twitter published a video of Albert Pujols Speaking about his legacy in the MLB and when asked which active Latino players he thought could have a Hall of Fame career like his, the Cardinals player responded with four names and, despite Fernando Tatis Jr. was banned 80 games for violating Major League Baseball’s policy against performance-enhancing drugs, shortstop from San Diego Padres made part of this list.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr., Juan Soto, Fernando Tatis Jr., Those are players who have good energy every day, always positive and electric. Ronald Acuna Jr. I believe that the Latino race has been blessed with the future that we have right now in the Major Leagues and what we have achieved. If you look at 2022, almost 65% of the All-Star Game were Latino. In the Home Run Derby we had five Latinos participating from different countries. As a Latino I always feel proud because we know what we have to fight to get to where we are now, “ Albert Pujols stated.

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