That they explain to Dua Lipa’s bodyguard how to act in an earthquake

At the time of an earthquake, we are all the same and it is something that Dua Lipa’s bodyguard did not understand; It turns out that the singer was in a club in Mexico City, after having given a concert at the Foro Sol, when she was surprised at 1 in the morning by a 6.9-degree tremor. It was then that one of his security agents was furious when he wanted to isolate the British woman so that no one could approach him and, in the midst of an emergency, they explained to him that the protocols do not work that way, that in a contingency like this, for security, all citizens they have to vacate the buildings and go out into the street, and hardly someone, in full motion, would go to ask for a selfie or an autograph, as happened during Dua’s walks around the city. It would be necessary to explain to him that in an earthquake, there are situations that are unnecessary.

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Did Silvia Pinal have the tribute she deserved?

The tribute that was made to Silvia Pinal at the Palace of Fine Arts continues to give something to talk about, because until now it has been highly criticized for the sad and soulless production, despite the fact that the honoree was very happy for this celebration ; When Fela Domínguez, one of the artists who participated in this event, was asked what she thought about it, she replied diplomatically: “I think that as it was, it was perfect, people received it very well, we rehearsed a lot so that it was achieved. what was seen and for me the result was beautiful just as it was, at least I have only heard super positive comments about it”.


Flans hopes that tonight his luck will change

It seems that bad fortune is following the Flans is about to end, first Ilse fainted at one of the concerts due to heat stroke and then her partner Mimí arrived at the press conference in a wheelchair. The singer explained that she had a fall and although now it is recommended that she not walk much. “I fell on a step and broke my ankle in four places, but I took great care of myself and we haven’t stopped working and the good thing is that they didn’t have to operate on me, I’m on my way out,” explained the interpreter of “Las mil y una nights”. Both hope that this will be settled tonight, with the concert that they will offer at the Mexico City Arena, together with Pandora.

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