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HERMOSILLO, Sonora.- The Sonora Ministry of Health (SSA) provided medical care to more than 230 interns and internal of Social Rehabilitation Center (Cereso I) after the fire that occurred on Wednesday.

Jorge Vega Soto, coordinator of the State Council for Accident Prevention (Coepra)explained that staff of the Regulatory Center for Medical Emergencies (CRUM) responded to the call to help the inmates, since the fire was raised behind his pavilion and, therefore, they were assessed and their vital signs were taken, just like the men deprived of their liberty.

After the emergency phase that we had yesterday, we detected the need to bring a health brigade to check each of the inmates to make sure that none of them were going to happen to us. And we currently have three mobile units enabled: an ambulance that is available for inmates and the staff that is in operation inside the prison. And in addition, we enabled the interior clinic within the prison to be able to attend to the advanced emergencies that arise, ”he mentioned.

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Salud Sonora attends to inmates of Cereso 1

Most of the attention, according to Jorge Vega, were outpatient consultations, lung review, vital signsamong others.

He pointed out that several operations were establishedamong them, the development of a participation scheme with the hospital setting and the prehospital settingactivating an emergency network in hospitals to ensure that all patients arising from this situation could have access to a stretcher immediately.

Attending to inmates of Cereso 1 after fire. | Special

There was also support from Red Cross, Civil Protection and Firefighters to develop an emergency system in case you need to evacuate and do it safely.

Additionally, program staff participated in these actions Edusexwith psychological care for inmatesas well as the team of the General Directorate of Health Promotion and Disease Preventionto support medical care.

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