Prince Harry refused to dine with Charles III after Elizabeth II’s death

Prince Harry, 38, turned down an invitation to dinner with the king charles iii and the prince williamcurrent Prince of Wales, at Balmoral after Meghan was banned from joining the royals on the day Elizabeth II died on September 8, British media reported.

The Duke of Sussex insisted that Meghan Markle join him, before Carlos III called to say that “it was not appropriatesources said, according to The Mirror, the Daily Mail and The Sun.

It is claimed that in the ensuing dispute, during which Harry struggled to persuade his father to allow Meghan to accompany him, he missed a flight taking William and his uncles Andrew and Edward to Scotland.

Harry was reportedly told to make his own travel arrangements and eventually landed in Aberdeen without the Duchess of Sussex at 6:35 p.m., moments after the queen’s death was publicly announced.

also refused to dine with the kingQueen Consort Camilla and Prince William that night, the Sun reported.

A source claimed that Harry was “furious” and that his refusal to have dinner with his father and brother was seen as a “huge snub”.

According to the source: “Harry was so busy trying to get Meghan to Balmoral and rowing against his family that he missed the flight.

“Carlos III has an open invitation for Harry to have dinner with him when he is in the country (…) but Harry was so furious that he refused to eat with his father and brother.

“It was a big snub. And he left Balmoral as soon as possible to catch the first commercial flight back to London”.

Prince Harry had lunch with the Duke of York and the Earl and Countess of Wessex before leaving early the next morning, The Sun reported.

Harry returned to Meghan at 8:28am, where he was sitting alone in the back of a Range Rover as he was whisked away from the royal family’s Scottish home, where he had arrived at 7:52pm the night before.

The Daily Mail mentioned that Prince Harry was taken to Aberdeen airport at 9:20 a.m., led by five policemen, and boarded a flight to London that left at 10 a.m.

An airport worker offered her condolences as the prince was about to walk up the steps of a British Airways plane.

Since then, the couple have participated in more than a week of national mourning with other members of the Royal Family at various events.

Despite the snub at dinner, William asked Harry and Meghan to walk with him and Kate, the new Princess of Wales, to see the Floral tributes for the Queen at Windsor Castle on September 10.

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Charles III allowed his son to wear a uniform for a vigil with the queen’s other grandchildren during the mourning ceremony in Westminster Hall.

Harry and Meghan flew back to California on Tuesday, 24 hours after the family buried the queen.

Earlier this week, it was claimed that Meghan requested a ‘one-on-one’ meeting with King Charles III in a bid to mend the rift before leaving for California with Harry after the queen’s funeral.

Since Megxit, Meghan and Harry’s relationship with the Windsors has been very tense, especially since the interview with Oprah Winfrey, where reported having suffered racist comments Y she even suggested that she thought about taking her own life.

Meanwhile, the new Prince of Wales “simply cannot forgive” his brother, Prince Harry, for the way he has behaved and the problems he has caused the family, said Katie Nicholl, author of the book “The New Royals “The Mirror reported.

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Camilla “spit out the tea”: there was tension

The revelations follow reports that Charles insisted on meeting Harry and Meghan before their audience with the ailing sovereign, according to new book “The New Royals.”

While father and son are reported to have “greeted each other warmly”, there were still moments of tension that left Camilla, then the Duchess of Cornwall, speechless.

Camilla, who is now the queen consort, was reportedly surprised when the prince, 38, suggested an impartial third party be there to keep the peace, Vanity Fair reported in an excerpt from the book.

Camilla spat out her tea in shock when Prince Harry tossed out the mediator idea.

It is claimed that Prince Harry and his wife were late for the conversation and that Charles only had 15 minutes with the jet-setting couple before they had to go to the Royal Maundy Service at Windsor Castle.

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“Harry will be torn between his family and his wife”

Prince Harry’s upcoming memoir is also said to still be a major concern at Buckingham Palace. The Duke of Sussex has signed a four-book deal worth millions with Penguin Random House, the first of which is a revealing memoir that was scheduled to go to press later this year.

Once the book is published, there will be no turning back for Prince Harry, according to royal author Robert Jobson.

He wrote in The Sun: “Harry will no doubt be torn between wanting his family’s acceptance and also wanting his wife’s love.”

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