Pedro Infante and his stormy love with Lupita Torrentera: why didn’t she go to his funeral?

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Despite Pedro Infante throughout his life tried to maintain a very familiar image, the reality was that his actions led him to be considered not only as an unfaithful husband, but also as an abusive and even a man who would have promoted rape. Now we tell you how was his relationship with Lupita Torrentera.

The famous man of the Golden Cinema was known to have at least three formal relationships, the first of which was the one he had with María Luisa León, a woman eight years older than him with whom he formed a family and supported him in his first years before. to the fame. However, this fairy tale did not last long… or almost nothing.

And it is that as soon as he began to have greater fame, he also began to meet more women, one of them the dancer Lupita Torrentera, who worked at the Follies Bergere theater and quickly fell into the networks of charisma and sympathy of the man who starred the movie “School for Tramps”.

We tell you how his relationship with Lupita Torrentera was.

Although at the time that a man over 30 years of age had a relationship with an underage woman it was well seen and was even normalized; now the behavior of the actor who had a great friendship with Jorge Negrete could be considered reprehensible and even worthy of being persecuted by the authorities. Pedro Infante was already just over 30 years old when he began courting Lupita Torrentera, who was just 14 years old.

S estimates that the famous actor of the Cine de Oro in Mexico died with a fortune estimated at 10 million pesos, which over time began to diminish, since it is even known that one of his closest friends would have swindled the widow of the actor to keep real estate, goods and money.

How many children did Pedro Infante have with Lupita Torrentera?

Next to the young dancer Pedro Infante had three children with Lupita Torrentera: Pedro, Lupita and Graciela. Unfortunately, Graciela died a year after being born, later Pedro was born, who died in 2009 and Lupita Infante Torrentera is in charge of keeping the legacy of the “Idol of Guamúchil” alive.

Despite this union in which there were children, Infante was unable to remain stable in the relationship and while he had what seemed like “a happy marriage” he was related to the actress Irma Dorantes. Torrentera demanded immediate separation after learning of the infidelity.

Why didn’t Lupita Torrentera go to Pedro Infante’s funeral?

To a large extent, some believed that the woman did not go to the funeral because she hated the father of her children or because she had some kind of grudge against him; but decades later she revealed that she did not go out of respect for the relationship he had with Dorantes and at the same time because she already had a relationship with León Michel.

In the end, Pedro Infante left a trail of broken hearts, because although he was a “happy eye” man, he was always responsible and attentive to the children he had with Lupita Torrentera.

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