PAN senators respond to AMLO after exhibiting them for being against “militarization”: “An act of madness”

PAN Senators reacted after the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador He exhibited them in his morning conference this Thursday at the National Palace, for being against the “militarization”.

After the discussion was suspended in the Senate and the opinion on the Armed Forces and their permanence in the streets until 2028 in security work was returned to the Commissions, López Obrador showed the names of some senators who took a position against it.

In a list that the President repeated this Friday morning, the names of the PAN senators are read Kenya Lopez RabadanNadia Navarro Acevedo Damian ZepedaJulen Rementería, Xochitl GalvezJosé Erandi Bermúdez and José Alfredo Botello.

The names of senators from the Citizen Movement, PRI and the Plural Group are also noted.


“Enough of the threats!”

After López Obrador exposed it in the Treasury Hall of the National Palace, Senator Kenia López Rabadán described the action as “an act of madness” and held him responsible for her safety and that of her work team.

“Today López Obrador does an act of madness. As in the worst authoritarian regimes. He publishes a list of opponents of him. I hold him responsible for my safety and my life. If something happens to me or my work team, it will be his fault, ”López Rabadán wrote on social networks.

“Enough of threats!” added the PANista.


“Thank you for putting me on your list in the morning, López Obrador, I am going to send another list to the palace so that it can also be published; It is one of the more than 130,000 homicides that you and your ‘movement’ have caused in Mexico with your Failed Government, although today Jorge Ramos already gave it to you”, replied the PAN coordinator in San Lázaro, Julen Rementeria.


Senator Xóchitl Gálvez launched a call to López Obrador: “Enough trying to intimidate us!”

“Mr. President, even if you display lists of opponents of your government, we will remain firm in our convictions. Our job is to be a counterweight, we are not at the mercy of his will, ”Gálvez wrote.

“And I see Chong and all the PAN members, who are the most retrograde and authoritarian there can be, as good conservatives, because the world is upside down,” López Obardor said this Friday.


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