Pablo Montero rages against Julio César Chávez: “No one can speak for me”

  • Recently, Julio César Chávez offered his rehabilitation clinics to Pablo Montero to overcome his addictions.
  • Pablo Montero was upset with the boxer’s offer.
  • The singer maintained that he has always known how to get out of his problems by his “own will”.

A few days ago, Julio César Chávez sympathized with Pablo Montero upon learning of his addiction problems, and even offered him his rehabilitation clinics so that he could recover from this complicated situation.

However, Chávez’s offer was not well received by the singer, who made it clear that he knows what he is doing and asked that they not comment on his life or his problems.

“The only one who has the last word is me, nobody can speak for me, I am the one who has to say it and here I am showing my face. No one, absolutely no one, has an opinion about me or about what I have or should not do, “he said.

Regarding the controversy that he recently starred in for attacking a reporter from ‘Ventaneando’, Montero stated that this matter has already been resolved and he again stressed that no one can talk about him.

“Nobody can judge you or give an opinion for you, or speak for you, the only one who can say is one because nobody, everyone is going to be giving an opinion, so if they want to help me, they can come here, introduce themselves and come and help me, but here I am the one who takes the first step, nobody helps me here,” he said.

Paul Montero

Finally, the interpreter of ‘Wild Cat’ maintained that he has learned to get out of his problems by his “own will” and will not accept the comment or help of any person.

“I have always left my questions, my problems or my setbacks of my own free will, nobody comes and they have to take me by the arm, no, I do my things, nobody has to come, and if they are very interested, well that they come and look for me, but I will not accept any comments from anyone because I have always shown my face, I have never hidden myself and I always accept when the shit *, I accept it, “he concluded.

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