Octavio Ocaña: father reveals details about the expert opinion of his death

Octavio Pérez, father of Octavio Ocaña -actor who gave life to Benito de Neighbours– disclosed that The policeman who was linked to the process for the death of his son was the one who shot him. narrated how it was that his son died at the hands of the police. In addition, she explained that the famous never took out the weapon.

It was in an interview for María Luisa Valdés Doria in Newscastwhere the father, mother and lawyer of actor Octavio Ocaña They revealed what happened the day the actor died.


According to the father of the famous Neighbors, his son never shot himself as the authorities had tried to point out. He said that the injury that killed the actor occurred outside of his vehicle.

“I think it has taken eleven months to get there, Octavio Ocaña does not shoot, Octavio Ocaña had the pistol stored as it should be, as I taught him because the pistol is to defend himself, not to go around showing off, far from it. According to the investigations we did, they have been chasing him, they stop him, lower him, shoot him, raise him again and adjust his cap because my son never wore his cap like that, he always wore it sideways and ever since I saw the moment of everything, I said: ‘this was not like that’”, he explained.

“We are going to open the expert reports to the public, we have them on a disk, the whole scene is already as it was since the persecution, they shoot him and upload it again and that was the one who shot him, he did not want to say it, but he he shot, one hundred percent,” he added.


About the weapon that his son was carrying and with which they tried to frame him for his own death, Don Octavio explained that the rifle that killed him belongs to the police. The shot entered horizontally.

“They shoot my son’s gun, but we never found the casing. They kill him with the police rifle, they shoot the gun, but they don’t shoot it vertically but horizontally and because of the nerves they did everything wrong, ”she commented.

Before the arrest of the police officer Leopoldo N, the father of the actor mentioned that there will be no way for him to be released on bail, since he will also face another crime:

“The Anti-Corruption Prosecutor told me that he is going to have another crime so that he does not come out, he does not come out anymore, this character is going to remain there and hopefully for the rest of his life.”

Crimes committed by the police in the case of Octavio Ocaña

Meanwhile, his lawyer Francisco Hernández, the family’s lawyer, celebrated that Ocaña’s case did not go unpunished:

“We are very happy and hopeful for this progress. It has been an exaggeratedly long and winding road, many people had believed that this had already been forgotten and impunity like 97 percent of the homicide cases in Mexico, but we have already managed to be among the three percent of the cases that have already been prosecuted,” he said.

Given the crimes that Leopoldo will allegedly face Nthe lawyer reported that he is accused for the crimes of manslaughter, improper use of force and violations of the duty of care:

“Yesterday we were at the hearing in which the judge did find elements to link this person to the process for the crime of homicide due to guilt or negligence and improper use of force and violations of the duty of care, our public security forces have the obligation to safeguard and instead of that they provoked the homicide.”

In addition, he said that there are two investigation folders on the case. He explained that when the actor died, five hours passed until the expert services arrived:

“It has been eleven months of struggle, the former attorney general of Edomex was completely closed to the version that a homicide could have occurred. We had a meeting last month in which we delivered private expert reports and in that meeting with the deputy prosecutor we reached an agreement that the investigation folders would be delivered, which are two investigation folders. One regarding homicide and the other is for crimes committed by public servants, we are talking about various crimes. When Octavio died, five hours passed until the expert services arrived, during which time the entire scene was altered.

Mother of Octavio Ocaña demands justice

In this regard, the actor’s mother reiterated that they will not give up and that she has always known that her son was incapable of taking his own life, for which she demands that the guilty be punished.

“A little calmer, but always with the pain, that will never end, we will never overcome it, but the tranquility is because my son was incapable of taking his own life, a full boy, full of life, happy, he transmitted everything and that was something unfair in the life of my poor son. The only thing we want is for the guilty to pay and whoever is a fugitive the same, the two guilty of the death of my son.


They are looking for another police officer for the death of Octavio Ocaña

Finally, Bertha Ocaña -sister of the actor- showed before the cameras the image of another allegedly involved in the death of her brother: Gerardo N.

“He is Gerardo N, we are asking for a lot of support on social networks and at a certain point the prosecution will have to issue a search bulletin to find him.”


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