Mítikah opens its doors this Friday; this is the mall

Almost 14 years after construction began, the Mítikah shopping center, located south of Mexico Citywill open its doors this Friday, with anchor businesses such as Cinépolis, Palacio de Hierro and Liverpool.

The project as a whole, which includes residential housing spaces, a shopping center, offices, clinics, services, green areas, required an investment of around 22,500 million pesoswith a dimension of 1 million square meters.

The architectural design was in charge of the offices Sordo Madaleno, STANTEC, Ten Arquitectos, Colonnier Architectos, PCPA, among others.

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Mitikah shopping center. Photo: Roberto Noguez

The shopping center alone has more than 280 commercial spaces, 5 levels and 120,000 profitable square meters.

In addition, he has businesses such as H&M, Victoria’s Secret, Abercrombie, Hollister, Berger, Mont Blanc, Hugo Boss, All Saints and many others; he is also a sports runner with brands such as Nike, Adidas, Puma, Lululemon, among others.

As for its gastronomic offer, it has restaurants such as Puerto Madero, Negroni, Fisher’s, Mochomos, Hotaru, Cheesecake Factory, Shake Shack, Califa and Sushi Roll.

Fibra Uno took over the construction of Mítikah in 2015, when it bought it from Ideurban and Prudential for 185 million dollars; The work had already caused controversy in the Benito Juárez Mayor’s Office, when the residents of the Xoco neighborhood joined together due to concerns about the lack of water and the reduction of green areas.

Last June, Parks deputy director of marketing, Carlos Singüeza, indicated that the complex has 120,000 square meters, capable of housing more than 258 commercial spaces.

Likewise, the manager specified that until that moment they had lease contracts with just over 160 brands for the shopping center, so they expected to open with an occupancy greater than 95%.

Singüeza commented that they expect the square to have around 50,000 to 60,000 daily visitors, which will have direct access to the office tower, the housing tower and the medical office tower.

Mitikah shopping center. Photo: Roberto Noguez


– 120,000 meters of profitable area

– 5 levels

– 280 commercial spaces, restaurants and entertainment centers

– 22,500 million pesos of mixed use investment

– 12 million people is the estimated annual average influx

Photo: Mitikah
Photo: Mitikah
Photo: Mitikah

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