Michoacán: due to earthquakes, classes are suspended in 11 municipalities

The measure is for public and private institutions. Photo: Cuartoscuro/Archive

In the state of Michoacanafter the earthquake recorded early this Thursday in Coalcomanthe Education secretary of the entity announced the suspension of classes in 11 municipalities.

The state agency stated that It will be temporary until next Monday, September 26.

What are the municipalities where classes will be suspended after the earthquakes in Michoacán?

Through an official letter issued by the Secretary of Education, Yarabi Avila Gonzalezteaching, administrative and managerial staff were informed that activities are suspended preventively in the regions of:

  1. Eagle
  2. Apatzingan
  3. aquila
  4. Arteaga
  5. Good view
  6. Chinicuila
  7. Coahuayana
  8. Coalcoman
  9. Lazaro Cardenas
  10. Tepalcatepec
  11. Tumbiscatío.

It should be noted that the measure in public and private institutionsas well as at all educational levels, Its purpose is to supervise the conditions of the campuses and avoid putting students and teachers at risk.

However, in the case of educational establishments enabled as temporary shelterss because of the recent earthquakes, the suspension will continue indefinitely.

How many schools have been affected?

According to data shared by the agency, There are 442 educational establishments affected in 73 municipalities of Michoacán.

Of these, 149 correspond to primary level, 132 to preschool, 69 to secondary, 53 to upper secondary and 12 to higher education. While 11 to training centers, nine to initial education, three to special education, two supervisions, a shelter and a regional center.

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