Marjorie de Sousa falls in love with a stunning red mini dress

On fire! This is how the actress Marjorie de Sousa left her fans after sharing a video in which she showed off her beauty to the fullest from inside the dressing room, presuming that it is preserved as “good wines”, improving more and more with the step of the years.

The clip was published on his verified social networks, where he is in constant communication with his fans and keeps them up to date on the activities he does daily, as well as the progress of his recording project with Telemundo, the telenovela ‘El Conde : love and honor”.

During this week Marjorie deSousa He has begun to upload more content to his feed behind the scenes of the recordings, especially those moments in which he is characterized to enter the skin of the antagonist, Cayetana Carrá. Now, revealing a facet that she left her fans with a racing heart.

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In the video, the Venezuelan actress began modeling a casual outfit made with basic garments for this fall-winter season, a white knitted blouse, blue jeans and white mid-calf boots, to later make a very good transition to a beautiful wardrobe. red.

It is a red satin lingerie-style mini dress, which perfectly fitted the curves of the beautiful soap opera actress, leaving the hearts of the almost 9 million followers she has on the little camera social network with their hearts hanging. of a thread, because it had quite flirty lace details at the waist.

Marjorie de Sousa’s fans wasted no time and left their shows of support with thousands of reactions to the Instagram post. As they could not miss, the comments also showed this charm that she achieved in her followers, since the compliments have not stopped raining on her, gathering thousands of them in just 6 hours.

“Beautiful friend”, “Beautiful like every day”, “Red looks spectacular on you, beautiful!!”, “A TRUE LADY”, “You are a beauty and beautiful”, “That the most beautiful Barbie loves her”, “No I know about you but I see a Kendra Ferreti in this video. Beautiful”, “How beautiful the red looks on you”, were some of the comments.

Yesterday Marjorie deSousa She was also paying attention to the heart health of her fans, as she shared a photograph in which she wore a dazzling red dress in the style of classic Hollywood divas, taking over the attention with just a glance, making her beauty impossible to ignore.

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