Konfío, the Mexican unicorn, is preparing a massive layoff at the end of this month

Employees were notified via video call.

The company has promised to respect seniority and a letter of recommendation. The day before, the co-founder of Konfío, David Arana, sent an email saying that the firm would go towards “a new strategic stage.”

“We are entering a new strategic stage in which we will refine the way we deliver value to our clients, given the strengths developed in recent years,” Arana said in an email.

“Now it’s time to calibrate the way to deliver value to our customers. The ecosystem is key, but the way and sequence in which we present the offer to our customers is also important. With this in mind, and based on the data and the accumulated experience, We are going to give an even clearer path to how we want our clients to discover and enjoy the value that our services provide them (…).

“This adjustment that we make marks the beginning of a new strategic stage in Konfío, which follows the initial single-product phase, and the previous phase of ecosystem integration. This new stage will bring important operational benefits and also requires a realignment of resources. It will simplify processes and better set priorities,” said Arana.

The company achieved “unicorn” status, that is, with a valuation of over $1 billion, last year.

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