“Judiciary is wrong and needs a reform”: López Obrador

The president of Mexico, Andrew Manuel Lopez Obradorlashed out at him again. Power of attorney in our country, of which he detailed that “yes it’s wrong” and that you need one true reform.

Reform of the Judiciary is needed. I hope that the members of the Judiciary or a group of judges or the ministers raise it, because the Judiciary is wrong with all respect for its independence, he said,

In the morning conference of the National Palace, López Obrador criticized the judge’s actions Judge Samuel Ventura Ramosby releases of those involved in the Ayotzinapa casewhich already accumulate 120 acquittal sentences.

“This that yesterday it was announced that the judge who is handling the Ayotzinapa matter, who has released about 120 implicated, and they know that everything has to do with the supposed due process (…) It may be right that remains to be seen, because i think it is crookedbut without a doubt it is not justice”, he referred.

“If we are talking about a case of tremendous injustice, and because the complaint by the Public Prosecutor’s Office is not well presented, with that I am going to resolve, release an alleged criminal, why is the procedure not reinstated, what not? Is he a judge? What doesn’t he weave to do with justice? Who appointed him? Why is the Ayotzinapa case, which has to do with Guerrero, handled by a judge from Tamaulipas, but also on the border and who lives in the US?” he said.

“How is that? Are they going to continue doing and undoing? There has to be a review of this procedure within the Judiciary, it cannot continue to be maintained like this. Yes, we go to that. This judge is the State, who elected him to be the head of the State? Because he is above everything, he has absolute power, ”he added.

The Mexican president made it clear that he will continue to insist on this type of case in the Judiciary, “and as far as we are concerned, we are going to criminally denounce this case.”

The National Association of Circuit and District Judges of Judicial power of the Federation lamented the constant atmosphere of harassment that exists against judges after issuing their resolutions.

In a statement published on social networks, they asked the authorities of the Federal government submit their particular proposals or observations before the competent authorities or resort to the means of challenge established by law.

With information from López-Dóriga Digital

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