Jorge D’Alessio talks about the marital crisis faced by his brother Ernesto

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After Charito Ruiz, Ernesto D’Alessio’s wife, confirmed last week that their marriage is going through a crisis, due to causes that he did not want to reveal, although he did ask for respect in the face of this difficult stage they are going through and hopes it will be solved soon.

While Ernesto D’Alessio for his part preferred to remain silent, Despite the fact that rumors spread that he no longer lived with Charito and that the causes of his marital crisis were due to alleged infidelity, after the actor and politician met a woman whose identity is unknown.

Is now Jorge D’Alessio, Ernesto’s brother, who in a meeting with the press, prefers to remain on the sidelines and not delve into the subject, which his own sister-in-law made public.


If in itself, when I see that some colleague from the entertainment medium is talking about someone else, it seems to me the most ordinary and ordinary, much less ask me to talk about my family, “said the singer.

“My brother, Charito and his family are my familyWe love them and they will always have the support of their family”, concluded Jorge D´Alessio.

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