Iranian government mobilizes thousands of people in marches against protests

Tehran.- Thousands of Iranians marched this Friday in government demonstrations against the protests that have shaken Iran over the last week over the death of Mahsa Amini after being arrested for improperly wearing the veil.

“The cause of the protests is America,” protesters, largely men, shouted at Tehran University after Friday prayers.

They also launched slogans in favor of Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, in addition to the usual “Death to America” ​​and “Death to Israel.”

“I am against the riots, we are in an Islamic country and hijab is part of the laws”, a 50-year-old protester, a housewife and mother of two daughters, told EFE.

“I don’t agree with people deciding if they want to wear a hijab because many young people have been killed by the Islamic Revolution,” he added.

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The cleric Esmaíl Pahlevan claimed that the protesters “are attacking the chador (a black garment that covers the entire body) of our women” in the protests.

“God has ordained that women must hijab and they must take it“, said.


These marches, which in addition to Tehran were repeated in other Iranian cities, are part of the Iranian government strategy to end protests by Amini, which have already caused at least 17 deaths in more than 20 cities.

In the news police appear helping people or giving shoes to poor children and wounded people appear giving testimonies that they have been beaten by protesters.

The authorities insist that the protests are incited by the “foreign enemy” with the intervention of embassies and intelligence services of other countries.

The government is heavily restricting the internet, with the mobile networks cut from 9:00 at night until in the morning the last two days.

State television IRIB reported yesterday that 17 people had been killed in the clashes, while Europe-based human rights groups put the figure at 31.

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Iranian army ready to intervene in protests

The Iranian army affirmed this Friday that “it is ready” to help the Police deal with the protests by Mahsa Amini that have shaken the country for a week “to defend national securityl”.

In a statement, the military described the protests as “desperate actions of the diabolical strategy of the enemy to weaken the Islamic regime.

“We are ready to help our colleagues in the Police,” said the army, adding “the Armed Forces will never allow the enemy to damage the ideals of Imam Khomeini.”

The army’s claims come a day after the powerful Revolutionary Guard called “sedition” the protests and ask the Judiciary to prosecute those who “spread rumors and lies” on social media and in the streets.

The Iranian Army does not usually intervene in protests, a function reserved for the Revolutionary Guard.

Amini was arrested on Tuesday of last week by the so-called Morale Police in Tehran, where she was visiting, she died three days later in a hospital where she arrived in a coma after suffering a heart attack, which the authorities have attributed to health problems, something rejected by the family.

His death has managed to galvanize thousands of Iranians through pain and empathy, unlike other occasions when the demonstrations were reduced to fragmented social groups mobilized by the economy.

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