In Torreón, 9 students consume clonazepam and end up intoxicated

In Keep, Coahuilaat least nine students of secondary they turned out intoxicated after consuming clonazepam. The studentsbetween 13 and 14 years of age, took the product in the form of a pill, for which, after ingestion, the support of the elements of the Mexican Red Cross.

Students intoxicated with clonazepam in secondary school in Torreón

It was at school Secondary #12″Carlos Delgado Lopez“, located in Ciudad Nazas, Keepwhere one teacher noticed something strange between his studentsso when asked, they mentioned that they had consumed clonazepama controlled drug that was brought to school by one of the students.

Alice Amador Flower, director of this educational establishment, said that, fortunately, one of the teachers observed that one student He had problems speaking, so the doctors immediately came. paramedics to be able to serve the intoxicated students.

intoxication from a dare

In the same way, he said that this is the first time that an event of this nature has occurred on the campus of Keepfor which psychological attention will be given to the young people who took up this challenge of the clonazepama challenge that encourages participants to consume this drug until falling asleep.

“Approximately beginning the third period, the Spanish teacher noticed that one of her students had difficulty speaking, she was not completely spinning. She came down and told me; We went up to check, I went down to the lady, I talked to her and she told me that she had taken some pills, she told me that they were clonazepam. Talking with her, several of her got involved. We have countless details, the school is not very big, here we do realize what happens inside the school, in this case, because we personally did the review. Between what we contacted the parents of the family, it was late, we left at 10 at night, after locating the parents of those who were “.

Flor Alicia Amado Salazar, director of secondary school number 12 in Torreón, Coahuila

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