IDLES Guitarist Pays Tribute To Jorge Campos!Halftime

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Throughout history different characters have been marked in the memory of the soccer fans and one of them is the legendary Mexican exporter Jorge Campos, who was honored by the guitarist of a band during a music festival.

It was Mark Bowensmember of the British band IDLESwho during his presentation at the Sea Hear Now Festival appeared dressed in a colorful uniform of the Brodyto the surprise of his followers in New Jerseyvenue of the event.

bowenwho often wears extravagant outfits during her performances, showed off her energy on stage.

His set, in a pink tone and large purple and yellow rhombuses, had the number 1 number on the back and the name of fields print, remembering the best days of the former goalkeeper.

Jorge Camposwho left a mark playing for Pumas, LA Galaxy, Cruz Azul, Puebla, Atlante and Tigresstood out for his skills under the arch, as well as for his colorful outfits.

His goals and performances in World Cups earned him recognition as one of the most prominent, and today he is usually seen at events organized by the FIFA along with other legends.

At the same time, he combines his career as a communicator, being one of the star analysts of Aztec TVsharing transmissions together with Luis Garcia Y Christian Martinoli.

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