‘I shot him in the neck’: actor of the series ‘Riverdale’ is sentenced to life in prison for killing his mother

Ryan Granthamthe young actor of the series ‘Riverdale’was sentenced to life imprisonment for him murder of his mother.

The 24-year-old who played Jeffrey Augustin in the teen series he was sentenced for a tribunal of the Supreme Court of British Columbia after plead guilty to murder of his mother, Barbara Waite.

At his hearing, Grantham admitted to shooting his mother in the back of the head when she played the piano at her home in Vancouver, Canada.

In a video that ‘Riverdale’ actor took with a Go-Pro camera, the young man recorded the body of his mother while describing the crime:

“I shot him in the back of the head. Moments later he sure knew it was me,” she said.

The ‘Riverdale’ actor He drove 200 kilometers to the city of Hopewhere he decided to turn around, return to Vancouver and turn himself in, detailed the BBC.

Grantham testified at his hearing that I intended to commit a mass shooting on the Lions Gate Bridge in Vancouver or at Simon Fraser University, where he was a student.

In his testimony before the judge, Ryan expressed his remorse for the murder of his motherand ensuring that he was a “caring and compassionate” person who did not deserve what happened to him. “I cannot explain or justify my actions. I have no excuse, “she assured during his statement.

“It hurts me to think how much I have wasted my life. Faced with something so horrible, asking for forgiveness seems useless. But from every fiber of my being, I am sorry,” she said.

The actor’s lawyers claimed that the young man suffered from anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts in the months prior to the murder of his own mother, however you won’t get parole before 14 yearsruled the Court.

The actor appeared in an episode of the series ‘Riverdale’ in 2019.

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