How to do French nails at home with a makeup sponge?

At Panorama we know that have perfect nails It is not a simple task, especially when you have to invest in taking care of them, that is why we present this tutorial that will help you recreate french manicure at home and in record time, so take note of this step by step. You will be surprised how simple it is!

Do you want to show off most elegant nails without investing a million? Well, we discovered a simple trick in TikTok that will help you with that mission, the good news is that you will only need products that you probably already have at home. Remember that this season the manicure is from the most important accessories.

So you can do a manicure at home WITHOUT spending money


  • 1 makeup sponge
  • White and transparent enamel
  • plastic wrap
  • Acetone
  • Cotton


  1. Wrap the sponge with the plastic.
  2. Apply a bit of pwhite nails
  3. with your finger press on the pigment and withdraw.
  4. Finally, remove the excess.
  5. Apply clear nail polish and voila!
So you can do a manicure at home WITHOUT spending money. Photo: Pinterest

What are French nails?

It’s about the fancier version Y 90’s classicconsists in giving color to the tips of the nails with white, however, over the years it has been reinvented to be used with glittersMany colors, among many other options. We love this style!

you would use these french nails homemade? We already have everything ready to test this step by step to show off enviable nails.

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