How much do you earn in a tortilla shop? He generated fury for his generous salary

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a mexican entrepreneur caused a stir on social networks by showing how much money he earns working in a tortilla factory. Some did not believe that this was his salary.

Marbeto Alves is a man who started a business selling tortillas, but not just any tortilla, rather he makes them with a specialized design.

He makes this food with all kinds of figures, so people order him and pay him very well for it, according to what he posted on his TikTok account.

From images of Disney princesses to K-Pop youth bands, these are the types of prints that he handles. Although he himself has assured that whatever they ask of him, they do it.

How much does a tortilla maker earn?

Marbeto recently made a video for the aforementioned social network, in which he detailed how much he earned per day. Apparently receives an approximate amount of 25 thousand pesos dailywhich means that he gets 125 thousand pesos a week if he only works from Monday to Friday.

Although not everything is profit, but from there he pays taxes and the materials he uses to make his famous tortillas.

Of course this generated all kinds of comments, mainly from people who did not believe him. Netizens let him know their opinions of him and most thought it was an “exaggeration”.

Here are some of the tortillas he has made:

Mexican tortilla.
Elsa’s omelette.
Funny omelette.

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