How can you identify a brake fluid leak?

Brake fluid is a hydraulic fluid with which it is possible to transmit the force exerted on the pedal to be able to brake the wheels of cars, motorcycles, vans and some other vehicles.

That is why we must always be aware of the state ofthe brake fluid in our car and if there are leaks repair them as soon as possible. Without a reliable supply, your vehicle, safety, and passengers will be at serious risk.

In today’s vehicles, fortunately, dashboard alert systems make it easier to tell if the brake fluid level is low and needs topping up, but identifying a leak and repairing it is a more laborious job.

That’s why, here we tell you how you can identify a brake fluid leak.

If the warning light on the dash came on and the brake fluid reservoir is low even though you refilled it, there is a high probability that the hydraulic brake system has a leak.

1.- Stains on the floor

Brake fluid leaks are usually identified by a light yellow or brown puddle of fluid under your vehicle.

2.- Different sensation when stepping on it

When you press on the brake pedal it can also feel spongy or mushy; this may be due to air entering the brake system through a leak.

3.- Failure of other components

Leaks are usually due to problems with the master cylinder, ABS module, brake line, bleeder valve, rotor, drum, pistons, or brake assemblies in general, so check which component is wrong. above the leak can sometimes indicate the source.

If the leak is slight or difficult to locate, put a newspaper under the car, then, with the car and engine off, press the brake pedal repeatedly. This should force the brake fluid out through any leaking components, which will show up on the paper or be visible on inspection.


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