Home remedy with pineapple peel to wavy straight hair naturally

Do you want to wave your hair without using heat? Get ready to show off beautiful hair with the Home remedy What does he leave you? wavy look what are you looking for: with the pineapple peel you can make your straight hair wear some beautiful waves of natural way and without having to expose your hair to heat or treatments that end up drying it out and mistreating it; Keep reading and run to your kitchen once you discover the few ingredients you will use (I assure you that you all have them in your pantry).

Usually, to achieve a wavy look you need to use an iron, tongs, tubes or even a perm, however, all these procedures involve damage to your hair, which will undoubtedly affect its appearance. The best way to get some soft wavesthat they look super natural is through homemade tricks that have to do with ingredients rich in vitamins and mineralswhich will protect the hair fibers of your hair.

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benefits of pineapple on hair

Pineapple contains vitamin A and C that make you have beautiful hair. Photo: Pexels

Pineapple is a source of vitamins A and C, potassium, iron and calciumnutrients that provide several benefits to your hair, including:

-Increases hair volume.

-Stimulates its growth.

-Helps stop hair loss.

-Thickens hair.

-Waves and curls hair naturally.

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Pineapple home remedy for curly hair

Ripple your hair with pineapple peel water. Photo: Unsplash

This remedy works for both crimp as for wave, the only thing that changes is the frequency with which you use it on your hair; if you use it every day you will have a look with defined chinos; if it’s once or twice a week, you hair will look slightly wavyas it is now fashionable to use it.


  1. One and a half liters of water.
  2. the shell of a pineapple.
  3. A freshly cut leaf aloe vera.
  4. half a teaspoon of cinnamon.
  5. an atomizer


Don’t curl your hair with curling irons; do it with the help of pineapple. Photo: Freepik

-Pour the water into a container and add the pineapple peel and the aloe vera leaf.

-Subsequently, boil the water and, when it is ready, let it rest for a day.

-After this time, add the cinnamon

-Then, strain the water and empty the content into a spray bottle.

-Spray on your hair and squeeze from bottom to top to shape waves; repeat this step throughout your hair

A few minutes later your hair will look more wavy and beautiful. It is very easy to create this wavy look from scratch and natural way.

Photo: Freepik

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What to do to make the hair stay wavy?

So your hair stays wavy longer you can do the following: apply some vaselinespread two drops of almonds oilapply a small amount of aloe vera gel either avocado silica.

This is how you will look wavy hair all day. Try this trick with pineapple for curl your straight hair naturally.

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