Héctor Parra already has a trial date for alleged sexual abuse

Héctor Parra was arrested in June 2021. Photo: FGJ-CDMX.

One year after being arrested, Héctor Parra already has a date for his trial. The actor faces a accusation of sexual abuseendorsed by the Mexico City Prosecutor’s Office, to the detriment of his youngest daughter Alexa Parra.

It was in August 2020 when Ginny Hoffmannex-partner of Héctor Parra, and their daughter, Alexa, publicly denounced him for sexual abuse, arguing that the assault on the minor had begun when she I was 6 years old.

Héctor Parra already has a trial date

Daniela Parra, the other daughter of the actor, who has defended her father’s innocence, pointed out that Héctor, 46, already has date for his trial.

The interpreter’s daughter shared a video on social networks in which she points out that Hector Parra’s trial will start in October.

“Many people have asked me what happened to my dad’s issue; We were without anything happening, until recently when they told us that the first hearing will be held on October 5 “

Commented Daniela Parra

Héctor Parra was arrested in June 2021 and is in the Oriente Prison. His eldest daughter asked for prayers and the best vibes in the recording so that her father’s trial is carried out in the best terms.

“I am here to ask you to keep us in your prayers so that this is a fair trial, that you investigate well and find out the truth. I know that if we all unite, it will be possible to guarantee my father’s departure “

Daniela Parra

The young woman explained why she has remained silent on the subject of her father, indicating that the case has been very mediatic and at the same time she has faced baseless comments about her family problem.

“For us it is a familiar issue and it has been difficult for us to understand what is happening. It is very difficult to read and listen to various comments when they have no idea what is going on”

Daniela Parra

While Daniela announced that her father’s trial is about to begin, neither Ginny Hoffman nor Alexa have made a statement about it.

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