Group of Caro Quintero disputes zones of Edomex to Unión Tepito-CJNG

Teddiesan arm of the Caborca ​​Cartel founded by Rafael Caro Quintero – currently imprisoned in the maximum security prison “El Altiplano” – maintains an intense dispute in the northeast of the State of Mexico with the new alliancea criminal organization made up of the Unión Tepito and the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel.

This criminal group, also identified as The company, is dedicated to human trafficking, kidnapping, extortion of public transport routes, robbery, drug dealing, homicides and dispossession, mainly, according to ministerial reports obtained by MILLENNIUM.

It has a presence in Cuautitlán, Cuautitlán Izcalli, Tlalnepantla de Baz, Zumpango, Nicolás Romero, Atizapán de Zaragoza, Tepotzotlán, Naucalpan, Huehuetoca, Huixquilucan and Jilotzingo. Except for the last two, are the same municipalities in which the new alliance.

The organization is headed by Carlos Ortega Álvarez The Teddyand the second in command ands Daniel Fernando Zavala Hernandez Montana, who coordinates various actions from the Barrientos prison.

Its main operators are José Manuel Zavala BearPedro Zavala the pet and Juan Sanchez.

Unión Tepito and CJNG already operate together in Edomex

Also, Julian Alvarez Graduate is the head of hit men, while María Guillermina Pedroza Aunt Guille and Juan Hernandez Alvarez the pineapple – both arrested and prosecuted – lead the extortions. Ana Guadalupe Ortega – also imprisoned – is in charge of the invasion of properties.

The criminal group has links with authorities of the Security Secretariat and the Prosecutor’s Officeboth from the State of Mexico, as well as the Attorney General’s Office (FGR), according to reports.

“I already told you that right now there is no longer any anger with the ministerial or with the state intelligence, now nothing else is to get along well with the municipal ones, but, anyway, with them there is not so much fart, if you understand me” , said the pineapple to his wife, in a WhatsApp conversation obtained by MILLENNIUM.

Teddies Y new alliance Various squares in the northeast of the entity are disputed, mainly to commit extortion and sell drugs.

This criminal group, also identified as The Company.|  Ariel Ojeda

This criminal group, also identified as The Company.| Ariel Ojeda

The rivalry between the two groups intensified after members of Teddies were accused of murdering Alonso Ibarrarán Rendón, brother of Carlos Ibarrarán Rendón, The Bam Bamleader of the New Alliance.

The Mexican authorities estimate that there will be an increase in high-impact crimes in that area of ​​the entity, due to the constant clashes between “Los Peluches” and the “Nueva Alianza”.

They use minors

the criminal organization Teddies uses to minors to extort money from public transport operators, so that the penalties are lower and they can quickly return to the criminal organization, in case they are detained by the authorities.

Such is the case of Ruby Yamileth Nwho was placed at the disposal of the Public Ministry on three occasions when she was a minor, but returned to her criminal activities once she was released.

She is currently incarcerated, after she was captured days after her 18th birthday.

“I work for The TeddyIt’s been two years. We are dedicated to extortion and public transport. We are pure morritos from 15 to 17 years old. They send us to… they send me to Cantú and, well, I collect the rent”, he narrated in an informal interview.

—How many have “Los Peluches” killed?— he was questioned.

“They have killed like, well, all those who have wanted to enter, several hills. This, they burned a truck belonging to Julio Álvarez ”he answered.

—And what did they do to the driver?—

“They killed him anyway,” he said.

Teddies deploy their extortionists along the public transport routes that They range from Cuatro Caminos to the municipalities of Nicolás Romero, Huehuetoca, Cuautitlán Izcalli, Tepotzotlán and Jilotzingo, mainly.

The Los Peluches criminal organization uses minors to extort money from public transportation operators.  |  Ariel Ojeda

The Los Peluches criminal organization uses minors to extort money from public transportation operators. | Ariel Ojeda

The charge is 60 pesos to each truck or combi driver, so each extortionist must deliver between 4,500 and 6,000 pesos a day.

In another WhatsApp conversation obtained by MILLENNIUMJohn Hernandez the pineapple gives instructions to another member of the criminal group, regarding the collection of extortions.

“If you’re all fucking jackets (sic), wow. It is so that you would have put a really good guy in the Cantú guy, who would charge, since he would give us six thousand, give him six thousand, and we would grab a thousand a day, we guys, and we would go to michas, fucking slimy ” , he pointed.

This subject – currently in prison – also threatened municipal elements, according to other audios to which MILLENNIUM had access, although it is not specified to which corporation the uniformed man belongs.

“Fucking salaried police officer. And what wey? Does a little insert and bulk give you value? I hope I hit you first, son of a bitch (sic), so you can see how I make you a girl, wey, and how I’m going to kneel you and in front of you I’m going to kill your family, son of a bitch, to see if a lot of eggs, fucking dog. You say that I’m very fucking, that you throw eggs at him, why? For your insert? To me, fuck his mother, your plate, wey, huh. “, He exposed.

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