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During this note you will learn about a great eye test where you must demonstrate all your skills, it is important to mention that 90% of participants have completely failed, so you must pay attention from the first second, analyze and deduce as quickly as possible We wish you good luck!

The riddle visual of the day, it is of an expert level, not many achieve success, if you feel able to solve the challenge in less than a rooster sings, you can participate without any problem.

In the image made by cool guru, the interior of a home is shown, a man named Leo appears who wants to take his dog for a walk because he needs exercise, however, the dog does not like to go out and prefers to stay asleep. Leo has lost sight of his furry friend, your mission is to help him find him so that he can go out with his loin for a walk on this beautiful day.

Can you help Leo find his pet? Hurry up!


Photo: cool guru

Did you manage to catch Leo’s pet?

Congratulations! It wouldn’t hurt to know some fun facts about man’s best friend.


  • The tests that the bloodhounds do are accepted as evidence in court.
  • A greyhound is capable of beating a cheetah in a long race.
  • The Egyptians were the first to domesticate dogs.
  • Your fingerprint is unique, just like the human fingerprint.


The dog is very calm resting on the carpet, it manages to camouflage itself very well, but it has not been so cunning because you have managed to discover it.

Photo: cool guru

If you want to continue your training you can do it, look for puzzles of different levels and pay attention since extreme challenges are coming.

Share science, share knowledge.

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