FGJ CDMX dismantles child pornography network; involved gave regularization classes

The Attorney General’s Office of Mexico City (FGJ CDMX) reported the dismantling of one child pornography network that operated from the capital of the country, which was directed by a man and a woman, who were already arrested.

The foregoing was detailed by the district attorney Ernestina Godoy in a message to the media, explaining that Sayuri “N” and Victor “N”who were found a recording studio and storage deviceswhich contained photographs and videos of minors.

This case began with a complaint against Sayuri ‘N’ and Víctor ‘N’, for the crime of rape against a minor. The complainant told us that, in mid-2019, her daughter began taking regularization classes with these people. However, according to the investigation, the defendants may have taken photographs and videos of the minor in acts of a real sexual nature or in exhibitionism, “he explained.

Given the situation, the Public Ministry requested and obtained from a judge the corresponding arrest warrants, as well as a search warrant for a property belonging to the colony Lucas Orienteon the Mayor of Xochimilcoin order to continue with the investigations.

As a result of the diligence, a recording studio was found, as well as various storage devices.

In October of that year, a breakdown of the investigation was made in the Investigation Prosecutor’s Office in the crimes of Trafficking in Persons, an instance that, as part of the acts of investigation carried out, requested a specialized judge to extract information from the secured electronic devices.

When analyzed, more than 158,000 photographs and approximately 3,500 videos were located, both of the victim in acts of a sexual nature and/or exhibitionism with the defendants, as well as of other possible victims under 18 years of age.

According to tanner scalea mechanism used by specialists to estimate the sexual maturity of people, the ages of some of the minors who appear in these files range between five and seven years of age, and they are observed performing real sexual acts or Corporal exhibitionism with adults, in a situation of sexual assault.

Derived from the evidence presented by the FGJ CDMX, a control judge issued an order linking Sayuri “N” and Víctor “N” to the process, for their probable participation, as material authors, in the crime of human trafficking. in its form of child pornography.

Two months were set for the closure of the complementary investigation and their informal preventive detention was ratified as a precautionary measure, and they are already in the South Prison.

With information from López-Dóriga Digital

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