Do you check the change? The $5 coin they offer is $4 thousand

As they are still in force to make common payments, the Commemorative coins of the Bicentennial of the Independence of Mexico – as well as those alluding to the Centennial of the Mexican Revolutiona- With a denomination of five pesos, they can be used without any problem to pay for public transport, your account in the cafe and even in banking operations with the same value as the rest of the currencies of the Family C of coins of the Bank of Mexicowhich are currently in force.

As you will surely remember, on the occasion of the celebrations for the two centuries of the beginning of the historical process that led to the emancipation of what is now Mexico from the Spanish Empire, a whole series of coins was presented containing the portraits of different relevant characters who participated in the development of Mexican independencyalthough it is less and less frequent that one of these falls into your hands after a purchase, but remain valid and at the same value than any other you receive on a daily basis.

But its different designs were – and to date – a good opportunity to start a coin collection, which allowed many people to put together their collectible album with the varieties that were then seen everywhere. However, resellers did not miss an opportunity to look for Profits trying to sell them, as is still the case with examples like this $5 coin that they promote with a price of 4 thousand pesos.

It is possible that you will find an equal one when checking in your wallet, since these coins are still used normally. (Free Market Mexico)

Of course, if you want to pay with one like this one, with the effigy of the corregidora Josefa Ortiz de Dominguezthey will accept it in any store, but not at an amount different from the one stamped as face value, which is the one that Banxico supports its use, but that does not stop these users who on digital platforms such as Free Market Mexico They make publications in which for one piece they request the payment of amounts of several thousand pesos in exchange.

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The offers are usually made with the market of numismatic collectors in mind who, although they tend to appreciate special editions more to complete a personal collection, particularly more attention is paid to rare pieces when they meet certain characteristics.

For example, taking into account the intrinsic value of the coins, which corresponds to the one that has the material with which they are made and that in the cases of coins minted in precious metals such as gold, silver or copper is higher, but that is not the case of these pieces.

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On the other hand, the factors of the scarcity or rarity of a piece and its state of conservation then play a decisive role, but to know how they are listed on the collectibles market, there is no way to seek expert advice in a numismatic housewhere you can take your pieces to be reviewed if you are looking to sell them as these users do in the electronic commerce portals.

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