Chris Martin could be after Shakira now that she is single; here the tests

After the recent interview Shakira with a famous beauty magazine, it has been revealed that the Colombian has gone through a hard time after her separation from Piqué, but also that she has not been alone, since the member of the band Coldplay, Chris Martin, has offered to accompany her and help her in whatever is necessary.

Shakira speaks for the first time about her breakup with Piqué

The Colombian confessed to Elle magazine that she was going through a hard time after having finished with the father of her children and also mentioned that she had received help from her closest friends.

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Shakira. Photo: Archive

Chris Martin offers to help Shakira

One of his friends who more has shown sympathy and support has been Chris Martin, Gwyneth Paltrow’s ex. Since apparently the Coldplay member wants to give Shakira some advice on how to overcome a divorce.

Chris Martin He has always been looking out for me and telling me that he is there for me in whatever I need,” Shakira told ELLE magazine.

Chris Martin
Chris Martin. Photo: AFP

Fans ask Shakira to give Chris Martin a chance

After the Colombian’s comments, dozens of Internet users began to speculate about the possibility that a relationship could exist between the two celebrities. So much so that, on social networks, they have asked Shakira give the musician a chance.

However, so far, it seems that between the interpreter of “Ojos Así” and Martin There is only one friendship, since the singer’s interests could be focused on other issues such as her children or solving her problems with the Treasury.

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