CDMX. Why was the seismic alert not activated during the earthquake this Friday?

The Center for Command, Control, Computing, Communications and Citizen Contact of Mexico City (C5) reported that according to the System of Mexican Seismic Alert the earthquake at 1:26 p.m. did not require the activation of the seismic alert.

In social networks he said: “earthquake detected on 23-Sep-22 at 1:26:03 p.m. NO SEISMIC ALERT WAS REQUIRED because the energy estimate in the first few seconds did not exceed pre-established levels. Nearby sensor: 30 km to the southwest from #Aquila, #Michoacán #WeHaveEarthquake”.

According to the Mexican Alert System, the seismic alert did not sound since the energy estimate in the first few seconds did not exceed the pre-established levels.

The National Seismological reported that the magnitude of the earthquake was 5.2 located 62 kilometers south of Tecomán, Colima.

How does the seismic alert work?

The sensors of the Mexican Seismic Alert System (SASMEX) monitor seismic danger zones, and recognize earthquakes in a radius close to 90 km and their magnitude.

With the data sent by the sensors to each city, the distance between the earthquake is determined to decide whether or not to broadcast the seismic alert.

According to SASMEX, the seismic alert will be activated:

1. If in the first seconds of the seismic detection at least 2 stations exceed the pre-established energy levels.
2. Depending on the energy estimate of the earthquake.
3. Depending on the estimated magnitude of the earthquake and the distance to the city to alert: a) Magnitude greater than 5 occurring no more than 250 km. b) Magnitude greater than 6 occurring at more than 350 km. c) Magnitude greater than 5.5 occurring no more than 350 km. The alert is not activated when it occurs far from the SASMEX detection coverage area, it is very far from the city to be alerted or when the estimates of the energy of the earthquake do not exceed the established levels.

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