Carlos Loret de Mola: Assange in the street, darkness in the house

The family of Julian Assange, a journalist persecuted by the United States since he revealed state secrets, was received with the highest honors at the National Palace. His father and brother, John and Gabriel Shipton, were special guests of President López Obrador at the Shout of Independence ceremony. The Mexican President went out of his way to praise Assange, calling him: “The Quixote of our time, of freedom of expression.”

He is a hypocrite. In the recent history of Mexico, there has not been a President who has attacked and persecuted journalists more than Andrés Manuel López Obrador. He has not been shy about violating the law, using the entire state apparatus to intimidate and threaten anyone who denounces the irregularities and corruption of his administration. The President of Mexico is a threat to freedom of expression and to blow it up, he has triggered the personal cost to whomever he decides to exercise it. He has said it openly in the morning: you know what those who criticize me expose themselves to. What are they exposed to? Not because they are denied – that has not been possible – but because they are defamed and slandered.

But that is not the worst. There has not been in the history of Mexico a six-year term in which so many journalists have been murdered. Only this year there are 15, which puts our country on a par with nations like Ukraine or Syria.

The strategy of using the Assange case to cleanse its face is not new to the Bolivarian left in Latin America. The one who invented the method was Rafael Correa when he was president of Ecuador. While he persecuted the press from his country, he offered Assange asylum at his embassy in London.

Lamp of the street, darkness of the house.


1.- Senator Raúl Paz, who became a symbol of the failed betrayal after his departure from the PAN and his incorporation to Morena on the eve of the hypermilitarization vote, had given signs that he wanted to leave the PAN ranks for several months . In April of this year he was expected to join the ranks of the Green Party, where by profile and background he would have entered like butter. He then he was flirting with Citizen Movement. Then he told the PAN that he didn’t always, that he stayed. And a few days later, he jumped to Morena. The case of the Yucatecans Paz and Jorge Carlos Ramírez Marín (a PRI member who was ready to vote in favor of hypermilitarization) is curious: if there is a state in the country where security levels are extraordinary and the Army has never been needed because it exists a Police with a very reliable civilian command and great results… it is Yucatán.

2.- They say that Rocío Nahle is also interested in getting rid of her Secretariat in the federal cabinet to start building her campaign for the governorship of Veracruz. They say we are weeks away. By the way, the refinery is not refining yet.


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