Alejandra Guzmán defends herself from a fan who touches her improperly and her reaction goes viral

The dream of any fan is to be able to have their idol up close, and many of them are willing to do anything to achieve it.

However, some people have crossed the line and in their eagerness to get a selfie or any memory of their favorite artist they have been attacked or even disrespected, as happened recently to Alejandra Guzmán.

A few days ago, the rocker was forced to stop one of her presentations in a palenque, to defend herself from a woman who managed to jump security and reach the stage with the intention of stealing a kiss from her and being able to hug her.

A fan managed to circumvent security to be close to the singer Photo: TikTok

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But these displays of affection provoked the fury of the so-called “Queen of Hearts”, who, far from feeling flattered, showed her discomfort, since the girl wanted to kiss her on the mouth, in addition to touching her improperly.

The moment was captured on video by a TikTok user, who also shared it on the famous platform, generating great controversy. In her clip, Guzmán can be seen performing the song “Diablo”, when a woman unexpectedly arrives and although the singer tries to avoid her, she manages to touch her right breast.

Immediately, Silvia Pinal’s daughter reacts and gets rid of her and then stops singing and throws the tambourine she was carrying in her hand, despite the fact that the security elements already had her under control.

Alejandra’s action has divided opinions, because while some applaud her for having defended herself against the attack, others consider that it was not necessary to attack her: “It was not on purpose but as always people think the worst and defend acts like this”, “It was also a lack of respect for Alejandra to throw the instrument at the fan”, “The girl can see that she wants to hug her and out of emotion she did not see where her hand was going, it was not intentional, the one who did go too far is Alejandra”, These are just some of the comments that can be read.

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