A subject is arrested for groping and chasing schoolgirls — Kudasai

A 28-year-old man was arrested for indecently assaulting a female high school student aboard a JR Saikyo Line train in Japan, later chasing her for 300 meters and threatening her, saying that “it was useless to run away“. Toshiya Ichikawa, 28 years oldpart-time worker from Asaka City, Saitama Prefecture, is suspected of committing an indecent act by reaching into a high school student’s skirt and touching her lower body for more than 10 minutes on a JR Saikyo Line train traveling in Tokyo in June this year.

According to the Metropolitan Police Department, the high school girl got off at Akabane station and fled, but Ichikawa chased her for 300 meters to the station street, where he is also suspected of threatening her, telling her it was useless to run away. An investigation of security cameras and other evidence led to his arrest, and he has admitted under questioning that “he couldn’t control his desire“.

Of course, the note found its way to comment forums in Japan, where it inspired opinions such as:

  • «I find it incredible that I bothered her for ten minutes and she never said anything. It’s a joke?».
  • «It seems that he has watched too much anime h_ntai».
  • «28 years old and with a part-time job? too much failure in life».
  • «I wonder what was his plan after catching the girl?».
  • «28 years old and with a part-time job? Rather he was trying to escape from his sad reality».
  • «I don’t understand the need to grope a girl. What is the point?».

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