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«An anime community has announced its support for the special operation and the armed forces of the Russian Federation and has pledged to give part of the profits from its events to the Russian military, and everyone who defends Donbass is guaranteed free entry to for life. The step is somewhat unexpected given her interest in Japanese cartoons, however, a writer of a new anime movement says that it is time for a change and about what this will be, Anastasia Ivanovna finds out for us», thus begins a report that recently became a trend on social networks, since an anime community has openly announced its support for the Russian Army during the current war.

«Now I’ll tell you everything in detail, but at least the geeks have shown that they can establish themselves for people who are not used to their subculture. (…) The ORDE communitytranslated as Obshestvo (Society) of Russian Dobrih (Good) Animeshnikov (Geeks), for a few days his followers have drastically increased, all because of his posts with the characteristic letter “Z”, symbol of the special operation that now cannot be confused with anything, and this support is not only with words, but the geeks are also writing lists on how to specifically help the army on the front lines», explains the presenter.

Some might think that the subtitling and translation are not accurate, but the statement in question was made on the social network V.K. and it really exists, and wrote the following:

  • As a result of the conference in Moscow, from multiple conversations with different people and from the people themselves, I would like to announce the following:
  • 1. We stand with Russia and will not allow anyone in the comments or at the event to in any way condemn military actions etc. Even some anime fans are now fighting in Ukraine (there are various confirmations).
  • two. All anime people who have fought or are fighting in Donbass (Ukraine as a whole), this may seem like a small thing, but for you for life the entrance to the events is free.
  • 3. We are abolishing Western values ​​and attitudes. No more LGBT and other heresies. Not in the band, not on stage, not at festivals, not in paraphernalia.
  • Four. Some of the money from the events will be sent as humanitarian aid to the front lines in support of our military. So, buying a ticket for the ORDA anime festival means supporting the Russian Armed Forces.
  • Our organization is for the good, for happiness and for justice. We’re willing to lose some visitors for it, we don’t care. And yes, we understand that the poisoning of the youth with Western values ​​in our country is because our country has nothing to offer the youth. More specifically, the essence of the offer and the trend are not formed. We will do it ourselves. The fundamental values ​​of our country and the ORDA organization are true and lasting friendship, honesty, support and help to all.

Font: V.K. via VoiceWiseAnime

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