Vadhir Derbez’s mother was questioned about her son’s alleged role in Eugenio Derbez’s injury

According to the journalist Alejandro Zúñiga, Vadhir would have come to blows with his father (Photo: Getty Images)
According to the journalist Alejandro Zúñiga, Vadhir would have come to blows with his father (Photo: Getty Images)

end of august Alessandra Rosaldo ignited the alarm among her followers, as she announced that her husband Eugenio Derbez would be surgically intervened in a “delicate” operation.

Without being specific, the singer of opposite senses revealed that Derbez was fine “however, the injuries he suffered are delicate and in the next few hours he will have to undergo surgery.” He added that “the operation is very complicated, but it does not compromise his health.”

The disconcerting message in which the former host of divine nets announced that her husband would have to undergo intense rehabilitation therapy and an extended period of rest, caused concern but also doubts about to what would have happened to the actor, producer and creator of characters like “Ludovico P. Luche” and “El longe moco”.

Eugenio Derbez was helped by his wife Alessandra Rosaldo in his most recent livestream session (Photo: File)
Eugenio Derbez was helped by his wife Alessandra Rosaldo in his most recent livestream session (Photo: File)

It was on August 31 when Alessandra published a second statement announcing that the operation had been successful, although Nor did he reveal under what circumstances the incident occurred. which left Eugenio Derbez with 15 fractures in one of his shoulders.

“To all those who have been watching Eugenio, I want to inform you that fortunately, after a long and complicated surgery, he is recovering. Yesterday was a very long day with many emotions, but thanks to your countless expressions of affection, messages, good wishes, blessings, prayers, and the light you sent us, the surgery was a success, ”he published.

Over the days it became known that Derbez had an accident while enjoying a video game of virtual reality, with visors on, when he made a dangerous maneuver that ended up causing the injury that has kept him sedated “and asleep most of the day” for the last two weeks.

Rumors about what really happened increased after the actor's statements (Photo: Instagram/@eugenioderbez)
Rumors about what really happened increased after the actor’s statements (Photo: Instagram/@eugenioderbez)

This version was confirmed by Eugenio himself, who after days of speculation, reappeared on Sunday September 18 with a video where he said that one night before returning home to Los Angeles, being in a town in Georgia, his son Vadhir convinced him to experience a virtual game.

“My son told me to play a virtual reality game, I put on the headset and I was in a multi-story building. He was standing on a small board, I tripped over something and the moment I step off that little board…”, he narrated.

“What I saw in the game did not match what was around me, I moved my feet and I went to find some steps; he hits my elbow first, pushing into the bone causing it to break. In the hospitals they told me that many people arrive injured by these games, ”acknowledged the ex-husband of Victoria Ruffo.

Alessandra Rosaldo sang Las mañanitas to Eugenio Derbez in full concert. The actor is recovering after undergoing surgery for a broken shoulder

However, the actor’s explanation of CODA did not convince many users of social networks, who questioned the veracity of his statements. Even the journalist Alexander Zuniga revealed that a source close to the Derbez family told him that Eugenio and Vadhir never played virtual realitybut they had an argument that ended in blows.

“There was a physical fight at Eugenio Derbez’s house between him and Vadhir, in the United States this is very painful, if they had resorted to the authorities they would have ended up in jail, that’s why they decided to hide the information, they also broke a rib in the lawsuit ”, said the reporter on his YouTube channel.

In addition, he commented that the information would have been hidden from José Eduardo Derbez, “It is possible that José Eduardo does not know what happened and surely he is finding out through this program, the source is reliable, that’s why I dare to open my mouth and this is real, Vadhir caused these health problems to his father Eugenio, this is an exclusive.”

Silvana Ponce's reaction left more questions than answers (Photo: Getty Images)
Silvana Ponce’s reaction left more questions than answers (Photo: Getty Images)

The family has not issued any comment on the matter, but Silvana Prince, Vadhir’s mother was questioned, and caused surprise by his reaction. The journalist Poncho Martínez revealed on YouTube that for a few months he had established a cordial relationship with Silvana, which made him feel confident to ask her.

”I sent him the following message: ‘Hello, good morning, there is the version that Eugenio’s problem was because he had a fight with Vadhir, do you want me to deny the information or say something about it?’… She sees the message and doesn’t reply at allwhen the easiest thing would have been to say ‘you know what you don’t, or deny it’”.

According to the journalist, Prince’s silence left much to be desired. “The silences also speak, and it is not that this proves the version that they discussed, but It is a fact that they continue to keep a lot of secrecy about what happened.”


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