The regime of fear, the opinion of Raymundo Riva Palacio

Last Tuesday, in his collaboration in The universal, columnist Javier Tejado narrated the resistance of the opposition in the Senate to approve the PRI proposal, approved in the Chamber of Deputies, which extends the participation of the Armed Forces in public security tasks from 2024 to 2028. The PRI initiative , broke the opposition alliance, and built one in San Lázaro with Morena, the PT and the Verde. “How is the government going to convince the opposition?” asked Tejada on the eve of the senatorial session. “Betting that with the pressure of several criminal investigations on them, they will ‘convince’ themselves to vote in favor.”

When I asked an opposition senator, on a scale of 1 to 10, how accurate Tejado’s column was, he replied: “8, minimum.” Tejada cited PRI senators vulnerable to pressure, such as the coordinator of the caucus, Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong, Carlos Ramírez Marín, Silvana Beltrones and Manuel Añorve. He also mentioned the PRD, Miguel Ángel Mancera, and although he no longer referred to others, the Attorney General’s Office has more senators and senators from the PRI and other parties under scrutiny to discredit them.

The pressure to approve the reform has been multifaceted, but there are several who have resisted. It’s not the first time it’s happened, nor will it be the last. The containment bloc in the Senate has been managing, for the most part, the attacks by the tribes of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and withstanding the gunshots of papers containing true or fabricated investigations. Perhaps they know that with the president there are no clear rules and yes, instead, betrayals and broken agreements. The most recent mirror, the arrest of former prosecutor Jesús Murillo Karam, accused of torture, forced disappearance and obstruction of justice in the Ayotzinapa Case, through a steam-armed file.

Fear was administered in the Senate, which is the method by which López Obrador has governed. If diplomacy without gunboats lacks the strength to succeed, the 4T government, without presidential missiles, would have foundered long ago as incompetent. In the government, starting with the president, there is no interest or ability to negotiate. There is no such art in the National Palace, although the president brags about it. What exists is a modus operandi, built on a regime of fear, to achieve its goals.

We saw it yesterday. A couple of weeks ago the president launched veiled threats against tortilla producers, and this Wednesday he revealed that the director of Maseca had already promised not to increase the price of corn flour for five months. He boasted in the morning that Mexico is among the countries with the highest collection within the OECD, although several of the cases of large taxpayers were achieved through threats. To the president of one of the big corporations, when they told him at the SAT that he owed six billion pesos in taxes and he refuted the data, they answered that he could defend himself in court, but that he would have to face one more that they would open penal. The businessman chose to pay double taxation to go to jail and left the country.

FEAR (in capital letters) is stronger than nationalism, than being Mexican. Not only have those who have the most chosen to leave the country for fear of a government that uses the SAT, the Financial Intelligence Unit and the Attorney General’s Office to intimidate, but there are those who, in the middle classes, took their money out of the country and they went to live elsewhere. They have sold or mortgaged their properties in Mexico to start in the United States, Canada, Panama, Colombia, Chile or Spain, their favorite destinations, and forget about this country governed by tension and fear.

There is FEAR of being accused of a crime not committed, of being lynched with defamation in the morning. FEAR of arbitrariness, such as the expropriations in the surroundings of the “Felipe Ángeles” military airport, which in practice are robberies. Or confiscations such as those that are intended to be carried out in Santa Fe based on a decree by the government of Porfirio Díaz from more than a century ago that, moreover, was repealed decades ago. FEAR of disappearing, or of being killed or killed for searching for the disappeared. FEAR of traveling by road for fear of assaults.

There is FEAR in institutions and organizations due to the authoritarian spirit of an illiberal democrat such as López Obrador. In the political class, FEAR between those who owe accounts and those who do not. Public humiliation became less burdensome than facing justice, as happened with PRI leader Alejandro Moreno, who became the plumber for the presidential plumbing. FEAR led him, like others, to betray himself and to betray himself. FEAR has paralyzed, caused anxieties, illnesses and lying. Apathy has grown.

Not everyone has fallen prey to this FEAR, but they are the least. There are still room for maneuver, which the president and his cadres are constantly trying to close down. There is no political coexistence but survival. There are no negotiations but impositions. There is no persuasion, only threats. The last field of this battle was in the Senate, where the vote against the constitutional reform to extend the term of the Army in the streets in police tasks, went much further than one vote.

The contention that they made in the Senate, those who decided so, confronted the regime of fear of the 4T, and made it clear that there are times when private concerns and interests are worth less than what affects society as a whole. It was not just limiting the galloping militarization that is advancing through the country due to its externalities, but rather the defense to think differently, to act differently, to defend beliefs and convictions that go beyond the Senate, where, paraphrasing José Ortega y Gasset, they looked higher and further.

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