The cute nickname that BTS V uses with his “girlfriend” Jennie of BLACKPINK

V and Jennie from BLACKPINK have been the topic of several weeks ago within K-Pop, and it is that the member of bts could be in a love relationship with the singer. So far, the alleged romantic relationship has not been confirmed or denied, but there are several rumors about the details of it.

It is believed that both could be dating from 2021 and the error of v Following the young idol on Instagram was not a mistake back then. Everything got worse when images of the couple began to leak, whose never-before-seen images were stolen from the iCloud or private account of Jenny.

Since then, the ARMY and BLINK have been concerned about the privacy of the K-Pop couple, as their agencies YG and HYBE have not taken action in this regard. And, if it is real, we share the nickname that V and Jennie from BLACKPINK they could share with each other.

This is the name of BTS V’s girlfriend

In South Korea, couples tend to have certain customs to show their love or make their relationship public, such as sharing couple accessories, also not using honorifics between them and not usually showing affection in front of everyone. Nicknames are also often used V from BTS rrevealed once how the name he would like his girlfriend to use with him.

According to some fans who attended an autograph signing long ago, the tender nickname that BLACKPINK’s Jennie could use with BTS’s V it is:

Good boy or handsome boy

It was the idol’s response when the ARMY asked them what would they like to be called by their girlfriends. In another video that was leaked by the hacker, allegedly BTS’s V uses the word honey to refer to BLACKPINK’s Jenniebut it has not been confirmed so far that it is his girlfriend.

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