STRONG VIDEO | The brutal beating that a woman gave her two children: she was already arrested

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A womanfrom Berazategui, Argentina, was arrested after promoting a brutal beating of their children 10 and 15 years old; according to the authorities, the events were documented in a series of videos and photographs shared by a Facebook user.

The arrest took place after a Facebook user, identified as MILI MATEIC, shared a post with photographs and videos that demonstrated child abuse that the minors suffered. The Internet user asked the authorities for support to identify the victims and save them from his aggressor.

In the images and recordings, the woman appears mistreating and brutally beating her two children, who presumably are minors between the ages of 10 and 15. The clips became relevant in social networks and hundreds of people demanded justice for the little abused children.

Hours later, the police revealed that they became aware of a publication and through the investigations they detected an address in Berazategui, where the videos had probably been recorded; It is presumed that the property was the work address of the woman, who appears mistreating minors.

The mother of the minors was identified as Laura. Photo: Facebook MILI MATEIC

Upon arrival at the scene, the authorities interviewed a person, identified as Laura. The woman acknowledged being the one who appears in the videos; He accepted that he assaulted his childrenbut justified herself by saying that she had previously been mistreated by minors.

After the arrest of his mother, the minors received medical attention. The specialists who attended the case detailed that the children had bruises and abrasions on their arms and legs.

After the diagnosis, the UFIJ 6 of Berazategui, specialized in family and gender violence, requested the arrest of the woman and asked that the minors be handed over to their relatives, who will take care of them while the investigation progresses.


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