No El Tri striker is safe for the World Cup – Ruben Rodriguez


The Mexican National Team accuses excesses of forwards and lack of goals…

Carrying three and not four attackers was a decision that changed the face of many in the national team and not in the National Team, even some did not like the issue with the best clarity and others were surprised by the plan of Gerardo Martino, which has always been clear from its logic in its tactical scheme (1-4-3-3) with which it intends to face the World Cup. Of the four who have concentrates today, one will be left without the World Cup, the big question mark and with which Martino sleeps night after night is that his main attackers or those who outlined to be in the national team and compete for ownership, today they have problems of injury, with issues of lack of rhythm and absence of celebrations, which puts them in question with their competitors (Henry Martín and Santiago Giménez).

The Tri’s coaching staff is intensifying the conflict due to the footballing moment that the strikers who were not on the radar are going through and who are now the ones who are most in love with the goal.

Two months before the World Cup tournament, the name of Santiago Giménez as the attacker who will not be in Qatar is the one that resonates; however, few will remember that it has been a long process at the hands of Martino, the one that has led him to the National Team, he was even called up to the Tricolor without playing in Blue Crossand he has taken it easy and has full confidence in it, unlike Henry Martín, who has had to fight from his current club for an opportunity to play, be considered a starter and be regular and reliable for his coaches.

Henry is the striker who, based on work, timing and results, gained calls and confidence in the Mexican National Team and in his own club, you will remember that he has always sailed against the tide, there was always a foreigner who despite the great personal moment, sent to the bank.

Today Henry is close to becoming the tournament’s top scorer, to being a reliable striker for Martino, an attacker who solves his problems, despite the fact that a few years ago the coach himself did not see him closing the final stage for the World Cup as it is now, although its regularity and commitment gave it that wild card to fight for the World Cup.


As for option A and B, which the technical director himself handled in the process (Raúl Jiménez and Rogelio Funes Mori), two strikers with similar characteristics, who meet the attacker profile that the national team likes, today they should not be taken for granted. seated that they go, even when the players themselves know or feel with the confidence of the coach or the coaching staff to be in qatar, and especially the Wolves striker, as a result of the tough and annoying injury he has to live with every day, and which has prevented him from starting the season as he would like. The pubis is an area for the high-performance athlete that when it begins to bother him, it becomes impossible to compete or train. In Raúl’s case, this discomfort prevents him from walking comfortably, training and obviously competing as his profession demands.

Many even have to stop for long weeks or months to be treated and completely eradicate it, since otherwise it appears at the least expected moment and that situation is what has Raúl in check two months before the World Cup, and Martino himself on the lookout, and now more involved in immediately resolving the injury that afflicts him and that if not remedied it could cost him his place in the World Cup.

Rogelio Funes Mori, who has acknowledged being indebted to the Mexican National Team, knows that today his best friend and ally should not be his doctor, since the leg injury has been chronic and even mistreated, and he was once again Submit after one month of activity. This was the same discomfort that marginalized him throughout the second part of the previous contest and the Liguilla, so today, although he has started training with his team and with the National Team, he is still not 100 percent, that is why the fear of the body technician of the tricolor box that is presented again or that it results in another discomfort derived from the same, since in the last year he has been very prone to injury and that keeps him on alert.

Rogelio knows that he has confidence and that he carries quality, today he must try to return as soon as possible and take great care of his health and physical part to be at the top, because both Raúl and him are the options that he would opt for. national team coach; however, injuries may be his main rival and his number one contender.

The four attackers have one more month of competition, some to maintain the level and others to get to the top, recover their health and be under orders, since in a month the final list will be given and Martino will have to choose based on what Better give the team or work for your system, although you can not ignore the moment, because the scheme can be modified.


The problem of injuries and overcrowding does not only concern the area of ​​the forwards, since the midfield is also being reduced by the same situation, players like Héctor Herrera, who started with the discomfort in the ankle, now the leg in the thigh area begins to bother him, and they are ruled out to play on the current FIFA Date. There are other players with tolerable discomfort, but the same under the magnifying glass, who have made the September appointment become a headache rather than a solution to the doubts of the coach and coaching staff. Date designed to resolve doubts and not increase them.


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