NFL dismisses appeal of wide receiver Mike Evans’ suspension

The Buccaneers wide receiver will miss the Week 3 game for his role in a fight against Saints players last Sunday.

The one-game suspension without pay of the wide receiver of the Tampa Bay BuccaneersMike Evanswas confirmed by the appeals officer James Thrashannounced the NFL this Wednesday.

Evans will miss the opening game at the home of the Buccaneers next Sunday against the Green Bay Packers.

Evans’ one-game suspension will cost him $62,222. His base salary is $1.12 million after he restructured his contract during the offseason.

The wide receiver was suspended Monday for his role in last Sunday’s altercation with Los Angeles cornerback New Orleans Saints, Marshon Lattimore. He appealed the suspension, and the hearing before thrashwho was jointly targeted by the NFL and the NFL Players Associationwas held on Tuesday.

“We are disappointed that the league upheld the suspension when there were several arguments of players committing more blatant violations, including hitting, kicking, choking players, and not being suspended,” the league representatives said. Evans it’s a statement. “Also, Evans He had already been ejected from the game, which is punishment enough, but the league chose to discipline him further, which is unfortunate, but we will respect the league’s decision.”

It was not the first suspension for Evans for a fight with Lattimore. In 2017, Evans was suspended for one game for walking onto the field and pushing Lattimore by the back.

In a letter to Evans informing him of his suspension last Monday, the vice president of operations for the NFL Jon Runyanhe wrote, “After the play was over, you were walking towards your bench. When you noticed your teammates engaged in a confrontation with Saints players, you ran towards that area of ​​the field and violently threw your body towards, and hit, an unsuspecting opponent who was part of that confrontation You knocked your opponent to the ground and a melee ensued involving players from both teams Your aggressive conduct could have created serious injury to your opponent, and clearly does not reflect the high standards of sportsmanship that are expected of a professional.

On Sunday, Evans said believe that Lattimore hit the runner Leonard Fournette in the face, and have pushed the quarterback Tom Brady. He said he wasn’t worried about being suspended, because he felt 2017 was a more flagrant violation of the rules, and he wasn’t kicked out of the game that time. But the NFL it does take into account repetitions of offenses.

In 2020, Lattimore was fined $10,500 for unnecessary roughness for pushing Evans in the back, causing the wide receiver to rip off his helmet.

The suspension of Evans It further weakens a group of wide receivers dealing with multiple injuries. The Buccaneers they played on Sunday against the saints without Chris Godwin neither Julius Jones. The Buccaneers signed veteran wide receiver Cole Beasley to his practice squad on Wednesday to add another player to his arsenal.

A Evans will be allowed to rejoin the Buccaneers starting next Monday.

Information from Jenna Laine was used in the writing of this note.

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