Metro CdMx: Line B train tilts; STC evicts users

The Mexico City Metro Collective Transportation System evacuated a train from Line B, that goes from Ciudad Azteca to Buenavista, after allegedly one of the wagons tilted at the Morelos station; nevertheless, ruled out that it has derailed or that there was an explosion.

According to users, the incident occurred when the train left the San Lázaro station, heading for Buenavista, and suddenly tilted to the right sideat the same time that sparks began to fly and a crack was heard.

“Suddenly he was speeding, we had just entered the San Lázaro station, which was where I took him, when suddenly we got like this, a thunder was heard, the sparks began to come out, he crashed, I don’t know, it was the shock, we all stepped aside.

“It went to the right side, I thought the entire Metro was going to turn, but thanks to the fact that we all reacted, we went to the other side,” said a user.

The users who were traveling on the evicted train on Line B accused that the operator was distracted with her cell phone and that she was also speeding, so they do not rule out that this caused the accident.

They commented that when the train stopped, they were not informed of what was happening and they remained for more than 15 minutes inside the convoy.

Due to the incident, 39 people were treated, mostly due to a nervous breakdown, while two users required hospital transfer.

Initially, the STC reported that the transportation staff has already verified that there is no train derailment on Line B and it has been ruled out that there are injured people.

He assured that there was no explosion and maneuvers are being carried out to restore service throughout the Line.

However, andhe director of the STC, Guillermo Calderón, said in an interview with MILLENNIUM that the incident was generated due to a loose cable, for which the service was suspended for approximately 40 minutes, but has already been resumed at all stations on the line.

“We have a report that the convoy hit a wiring box and that caused the train to stop, our Civil Protection personnel told us that there were 39 people who required medical attention, so our priority will be to attend to our users and guarantee that medically reviewed each one,” he said.

On Twitter, the director of the STC announced that after the accident, RTP trucks were requested to transfer users of Line B, from the section that goes from Romero Rubio to Buenavista.


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